From Behind the Lens: Garth Milan 5

Ever wonder what exactly goes into capturing a single photograph of your favorite rider that hangs in your room for years and years? Elite action sports photographer, Garth Milan, gives us some interesting insight into his recent DC Shoes shoot with Tyler Bereman along with much, much more.

Credit: Kyle Cowling
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  • Joe_Swift

    5/1/2013 7:04 PM

    This was cool to see! Garth nailed it when he said anyone can get a nice shot on a good day, but it takes a quality photographer to deal with issues on a bad day and come back with a good shot. I love the shot of him carrying the equipment down the hill. He is the real deal.

  • filthyanimal

    4/30/2013 4:42 PM

    Awesome. More of that stuff...

    So many great people, stories, personalities, etc, behind the scenes. Lots of them way more interesting then hearing about how great this year's bike is and list of obligatory sponsor plugs.

  • shanhard

    4/30/2013 4:13 AM

    That was brilliant. What a treat!

  • jasonv43

    4/29/2013 11:23 PM

    Very cool video.

  • chip600

    4/29/2013 10:15 PM

    Very cool.

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