CRASH: Tim Gajser - 2017 MXGP of The Netherlands 4

Credit: MXGP-TV
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  • manandmachine

    9/10/2017 11:00 AM

    What is going on with the CRF450R/set up? It's ridiculous. How can a rider of caliber be expected to have confidence in it?

    Ground clearance? Rebound? Forward weight bias?

    Get it right Honda, before Ken and Tim get hurt so bad that they don't get up.

  • ML512

    9/10/2017 11:10 AM

    It caught the frame in the wet, sticky sand. The bike has roughly the same frame cradle to ground clearance that the other manufacturers use...stuff happens, rider miss-judgement.

  • manandmachine

    9/12/2017 9:00 AM

    2018 Honda CRF450R
    Rear travel - 12.4"
    Ground clearance - 12.9"

    Clearance at full compression - .5"

    2018 kTM 450SX

    Rear travel - 300mm or 11.8"
    Ground clearance - 370mm or 14.6"

    Clearance at full compression - 70mm or 2.8"

    The new Yamaha 450 has similar clearance specs to the Honda..

    2018 Kawasaki KX450F

    Rear travel - 12"
    Ground clearance - 13.2"
    Clearance at full compression - 1.2"

    2018 Suzuki RMZ450

    Couldn't find rear suspension travel numbers.

    Ground clearance 13"

    It's reasonable to think that with another
    1-2" of clearance at full compression that these buck offs wouldn't be happening:

  • ML512

    9/12/2017 9:11 AM

    Please rewatch his crash, he hasn't even used the full rear travel, we have a rear tire sinking into sand. The entire ground clearance is compromised based off the conditions. The frame has contacted the ground without using up the rear suspension travel. "These" buck-offs? Do we have a list going at this point? Another thing that effects these numbers is the where the ground clearance is measured as some go by the bottom of the frame and others go by the knuckle on the link. Secondly, the taper of the frame and skidplate vs non-skidplate makes a difference based on if the bike can slide across the material or digs in when you "frame" a jump (still rider error), also the how low the engine hands down in the frame. Recently I played around on the Alta and although it has the same ground clearance as most of these bike, the front of the battery is like a wall and hangs down farther then most engine do. I shorted a jump and it contacted much earlier than any other bike I've been on.

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