2018 KTM 150SX - First Laps - #Vital150Build - GoPro RAW

Day 2 - First time really getting to do some laps on the bike after break in.

Handling -

The bike is pretty impressive in this department. Overall the bike feels incredibly light and balanced. Similar to it's older brother the 250sxf, it drops into ruts, handles chop and jumps, cases or flat landings just amazingly. The bottoming resistance is bar none and actually quite a bit better than my 17' CRF450 was. You can change direction easily mid corner or through a section and the bike is very playful in the air too! Not many downsides to the stability and handling of the 150sx chassis.

Power -

This is where the bike differs from my CRF450 in a somewhat negative manner. Obviously, the 150 will be much slower than any 450 on the market today and even noticeably slower (especially when NOT in the power band) than any modern day 250f. The bike has a great peaky hp that is very useful if you can stay in it. I'm still struggling a bit coming out of tight corners on the pipe but will work on it over the next few rides out. For a small 2 stroke engine, the bike produces a lot of power but only in a mid to top range area then it falls pretty flat. There is pretty much no roll on in stock form, this may be due to jetting or setup, but it is flat off the bottom great mid/top then flat on top in stock trim.

Gearing -

Basically 1st and usually 2nd gear are not even used. There were couple tight rutted corners where I found myself shifting down to 2nd but for the most part 3rd, 4th and even 5th are used most. Get used to shifting 2-3 shifts per section of the track on a 150sx because it's required in order to stay in the best part of the power.

Overall -

The bike is PURE fun and honestly that's all that matters to me. It inspires more than enough confidence in it's handling and chassis for me to feel great ringing the bike out through choppy sections and it is the lightest and most playful bike I've had in the air (which is a huge fun factor award for me).

Any questions?

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Credit: Shelby Paget
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