Supercross Laps | 2023 Paris

The 2023 Paris Supercross is underway in the La Défense Arena that can house 40,000 fans. The French track is of a good standard with a vicious set of whoops and rhythm sections that include multiple options. The second rhythm section, which follows the start, is particularly interesting. The elite SX1 athletes have opted to go double, triple and quad. Ken Roczen, however, flirted with the idea of going triple, quad and double late in the second session. A sequence that features a slight difference, such as that, can make all of the difference.

The sand section is of note too. SX1 riders are fading to the inside and wheel tapping off of the first jump. A line that is remarkably fast indeed carries risk – a handful of riders almost hit the dirt whilst carrying a significant amount of speed through the section. Anyway, enjoy a swift look at the practice sessions within Paris' most elegant arena. Ken Roczen, Jett Lawrence, Hunter Lawrence and Cooper Webb feature heavily across the next four minutes.

Credit: Sean Ogden

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