We Test Ohlins New RXF Fork and TTX Shock 2

Getting your motocross bike’s suspension revalved/resprung for your size, ability, and riding style is pretty standard operating procedure. The next step up from suspension work is to buy a full set of forks and a shock, which is a considerable jump in price and commitment. Over the years we’ve tried A-Kit suspension from KYB and Showa, both are amazing but, to be honest, are overkill for the average rider.

Here we get a chance to ride Ohlins newest version of the RXF 48 Fork and TTX FLOW Shock. What really stands out with this setup is that you can still get a lot of comfort and usability at “mortal rider” speed and don’t have to be a pro to experience the higher performance. But, if you are a pro/expet lever rider, you can get it to the A-Kit level as well. It’s really the best of both worlds and has a HUGE range of usability.

Credit: Brad Resnick

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