WP A-Kit Suspension | 2020 Suzuki RM-Z450 4

For 2020, and probably a few years to come, the Suzuki RM-Z450 will be pretty much unchanged. But, the RM-Z doesn't have to be left stagnant and we know there are die-hard Suzuki fans out there that will never give up their yellow bikes. WP might have just what you are looking for. WP offers A-Kit suspension for all the Japanese bikes, including the RM-Zs. We had the opportunity to check out the WP Cone Valve fork and Trax shock at Glen Helen Raceway.

While there is no magic bullet to make a perfect bike, this WP A-Kit suspension drastically increased the predictability, tune-ability, and overall performance of the RM-Z450's suspension. For casual riders, any A-Kit suspension is a bit overkill, but for serious riders and racers (amateur, vet, or pro) this suspension can help take you to the next level.

Plus, the price is lower than in years past, and much lower than other A-Kit suspension setups.

WP Cone Valve Fork: $3,299
WP Trax Shock: $1,999

For more information check out wp-suspension.com.

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