The Showa TAC Air Fork Explained 7

Who's scared of the air forks? Not Scott at Showa. He'll run you through the explanation of what's what on the Showa TAC Air fork.

GuyB GuyB 4/16/2015 5:53 PM

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I find it very interesting that all of us regular riders are supposed to use the little air pumps to put air in the fork. But right behind this technician is a nitrogen tank. Hmmm.

I run a 2015 KX 450 and I am struggling with finding a good set up. I run over 40 expert class and right motocross. I have done some cross country with this motorcycle and the set up is fine for that but not for Moto.


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contact Pro circuit for suggestions on air pressures for the air spring. I had a customer that is an A class desert racer that is 6'6" tall and 240 pounds. PC suggested 181 for the IC and TAC and 10 for the outer chamber. We found the setting real close and just made a few pressure adjustments.

One tip when setting the air spring is to crack open the valve cores in each chamber then fill the IC first then tighten the OC valve followed by filling up the TAC

This will give you the most accurate pressure in the IS and TAC

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