Tech Tips: Changing a Two-Stroke Pipe and Silencer 3

While aftermarket exhausts almost always make a difference, some forget how big a of a difference they make on a two-stroke. Enough so that many teams used to cross brands and some brands even make multiple pipes for a different hit and pull. Honestly, two-stroke pipe and silencers are a pretty easy thing to swap, but not everyone has done here's a little walk-through on how to change them out.

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Credit: Joe Carlino
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  • KDXGarage

    10/21/2017 9:39 AM

    Very good video. Congratulations.

  • ItsJuniorJ

    10/30/2017 10:38 PM

    Lol I sense sarcasm.

  • KDXGarage

    11/1/2017 3:41 AM

    Your spidey sense is off. :-) I think he does a very good job on the videos I have watched where he was on them. He doesn't blink 1,000 times, and he maintains great eye contact with the camera. He also doesn't stammer, and say "um", "uh", etc. As far as content, not everyone knows how to do what he did. My only suggestion of change would be some grease on the o-rings. Kawasaki manuals suggested this, but maybe KTM does not? I would not go old school and suggest a strip of Chamber Seal. :-)

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