TLD Red Bull Factory GASGAS | Who is the best...? 1

GASGAS wants to be the crazy, wild uncle that shows up to the party with fire crackers for the kids and says 'hold my beer' a lot. And since Troy Lee also likes a good time, this is how their 2022 supercross team intro went. We grabbed Justin Barcia, Pierce Brown, Michael Mosiman, and Wil Hahn to talk about the team dynamic where the vibes seem to be permanently high.

Credit: Sean Klinger
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  • yokev

    12/17/2021 10:41 PM

    So what's the deal with their bikes? Rumor control has it that GG will stay with the 'old' bike through 23. KTM has enough $$ and engineering capability to 'tweak' the old frame to mimic the new one(flex characteristics and even geo) methinks, and they'll be able to mount the new swingarm-whether it bolts straight up or not. The motor..well they've already got the capability to generate more power than even pros can use, and ride/tunability is just a function of software nowadays.
    Barcia beating the factory KTM/Husky guys on the new bike(especially after hearing all the riders gush on about how good it is) at ANY race on the 'old' bike would seemingly be an embarrassment for KTM IMO, so how they gonna handle this whole thing..?

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