Ryan Dungey: San Diego 2 Video - "I think this track brought out the worst in all of our bikes." 6

Check in with Ryan Dungey as he talks about his continuing working relationship with Roger Decoster and Ian Harrison, some of his race time line decisions, bike setup, and how his overall night went in San Diego.

Credit: ML512
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  • Aceofspades

    2/15/2016 9:44 AM

    Dungey is such a good representative for this sport. Just a great, great young guy.

  • Uncle Tony

    2/15/2016 5:10 AM

    Very cool good job

  • NotCore

    2/14/2016 5:03 PM

    Video will not play on iPad. Hopefully if they sell a few more of them, they will be a supported device one day.

  • Camp332

    2/14/2016 4:30 PM

    This was enthralling!

    I cannot wait to see that type of data on the broadcasts in the future.

    Great line of questioning, and Dungey is such a cool, intelligent guy.

  • neverwasfastenuf

    2/14/2016 12:45 PM

    Great interview, several interesting questions and answers.

    Always found it ludicrous that people would post on here labeling him and a couple of other riders as being too vanilla when all they were going off of was a sub minute podium interview just minutes after the end of a race.

    Dungey is one of the most knowledgeable and well spoken riders the sport has seen.

    A true asset to his sponsors and the sport both on and off the track. He lets his results speak for themself without feeling the need to constantly stay in the spotlight through a bombardment of trivial social media nonsense or controversy.

  • 7eleven

    2/14/2016 8:06 AM

    Very cool! Great job by everyone on that interview.

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