One Lap: Phil Nicoletti on Budds Creek 7

Phil Nicoletti tours the Budds Creek circuit ahead of this weekend's action, and you get to ride along. Be sure to stay all the way until the end for a little bonus action.

Credit: GuyB/Phil Nicoletti
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  • tbanks

    6/26/2015 7:01 PM

    Not surprised Budds isn't tilled deep right now, with the crazy weather we've had lately. Budds usually drains well (except when it monsoons like the year the pond overflowed) and is pretty rideable even a little wet. Even during that rain soaked year everyone was still hitting all of the jumps during the downpoar. I think it will be good and the rain will make it interesting.

  • Starcrossed

    6/26/2015 7:33 AM

    Philthy not psyched about the possibility of a mudder...seems odd.

    X2 ChrisB

  • ChrisB10

    6/26/2015 6:44 AM


  • PickledMX927

    6/26/2015 6:38 AM

    Talk about pucker factor! And that double before mechanics area, holy crap!!! Also looks like he put a take off on the old finish line hill near the announcers booth. That was there a few weeks ago on a practice day and it was gnarly!!!

  • Markee

    6/26/2015 5:22 AM

    Nice. I love budds, riding it is just awesome

  • Crush

    6/26/2015 4:42 AM

    That was sketchy! Hope they till it up too... Budds hardpack is not as fun to watch.

  • Bhayz105

    6/25/2015 8:19 PM

    Well the end was a scary moment for filthy

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