One Lap: Glen Helen with Josh Grant 7

Who else is pumped for the start of the outdoor season? We are for sure. Ride along with Josh Grant as he gives you a tour of the Glen Helen track ahead of round one.

Credit: GuyB/Josh Grant
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  • jemcee

    5/23/2014 5:04 AM

    that was awesome.. I'm not sure how the first turn on the video is gonna race but I'm sure they've done the sums

  • Sully22

    5/23/2014 3:33 AM

    Awesome video....thanks guyb! I am so friggin pumped on MX this's going to be unreal! Cant wait to see more of these one lap videos throughout the year....

  • EZZA 95B

    5/22/2014 9:18 PM

    That was gnarly... Lucky buggers! Enjoy.

  • bvm111

    5/22/2014 9:09 PM

    So kids on 80s are hucking that big triple step monster of a jump..... Wow.... I am glad I am a fat slow vet and don't have to worry about that stuff anymore!

    Can't wait until Saturday!!!!!!

  • Lightning78

    5/22/2014 7:18 PM

    That was awesome GuyB thanks for putting that up the track looks like a lot of fun!!! I watched this at least 6 times in a excited to be going to the race this weekend Ive missed the national at Glen Helen since it went away in 09 we went every year from 02 to 09 like a tradition and now its back!!!!!!!!!

  • dean122

    5/22/2014 6:38 PM

    So looking forward to Sat. Getting there bright and early.

  • GuyB

    5/22/2014 6:42 PM

    Me too. Oh, wait. I'm already camped at the track.

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