Munich Supercross 9

Have you ever wondered what the experience is like for Americans over in Germany? We check in with Engine Ice's Dave Kimmey, Tony Alessi, and Mike Alessi.

Credit: GuyB
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  • BESTY #72

    12/23/2011 6:40 PM

    Ok, cool. This year I think that a realistic goal for me is 24-0 outdoors and an easy sx season.. Gonna put me down? I'm not saying I know/ could do better. But it gets to the point where it's like, just shut up! Every year it's the same with those guys. "I'm gonna do this and win that.. bla bla.." If he kept his head down, confidence up and mouth shut, he might actually achieve something and not be written off as some insignifcant, all talk-er.. I don't think he can even say he's talented outdoors anymore, no holeshots, no nothing. Other than Hangtown. Apologies, but the Alessi's just annoy the hell out of me!

  • filthyanimal

    12/23/2011 2:15 PM

    Mike's head's in the right place. It is what it is. Around the top five is attainable - its a great goal! If he says he's gonna run w/ Dung, Villo, Reed - right now - its BS and even he knows it. He needs to ride well and be able to consistently stay in touch with that top five, then, hopefully, move on from there. One step at a time. Never been a huge Alessi fan, but you gotta feel for the kid.

  • flarider

    12/23/2011 5:58 AM

    Electro, I drive them CRAZY with emails all the way up until they leave with information....from "don't forget your passport" to ""at least learn to say 'good evening' in German in case you podium" and all kinds of stuff. I try to make the culture shock as minimal as possible

  • Electro21

    12/23/2011 3:32 AM

    Cool video flarider. Looks like you do a lot to get the US riders acclimated. Looks like I may have to make a vacation sometime to get to a race there. Good luck to the Alessi's this year!

  • josh8811

    12/22/2011 11:58 PM

    I promise to not make threats of physical violence (imaginary or otherwise) here again.

  • Blackopsrider7

    12/22/2011 4:56 PM

    Mike said it right!! I like that he is honest!

  • GuyB

    12/22/2011 3:05 PM

    Besty, it's all really easy from the couch.

    I'd say Mike knows is award that his strength lies in the outdoors.

  • BESTY #72

    12/22/2011 11:35 AM

    Nice to know someones making the sport more international.. But Mike, I admire the confidence, well 7 years ago maybe. But cmon' you were like at least 3 seconds a lap slower than those guys at every track. There's only so much you can blame on the bike and after every other year of terrible supercross, it's time to keep quiete, keep your head down and realize that you're not a top guy anymore. I mean be headstrong, but don't talk about coming top 5, when last year you were struggling to get top 10. The competition has effectively doubled. After 'the top 5' you have the entire HH crew, JWR crew, an on form Stroupe, Weimer.. There another ten guys who weren't in the series as much last year, and all of them are capable of beating you indoors. Making mains, are you're priority!

  • flarider

    12/22/2011 10:50 AM

    Great Video, Steve.
    That dining area and set up is unique to Sturm Racing and the three participating teams

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