Moto Paradise: Flying Iron Horse Ranch 7

When the decision was made to hold the last seven rounds of the 2020 Supercross Season in Salt Lake City, Utah, teams immediately began the search for practice facilities. The Flying Iron Horse Ranch was at the top of the list of tracks for the top athletes in the sport. Family-owned by father and son, Steve Luczak and Spencer Luczak, received notice from Team managers right and left, asking for access to the moto paradise facility. The two-man team design, build and take care of all upkeep on the entire grounds. Click play and see for yourself what it takes to sustain a pristine facility widely known for its features. Check it out!

Credit: Brad Resnick

B_Rez991 B_Rez991 6/26/2020 10:08 PM

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If I build a track, or let me rephrase... when I build my track it will be similar in style but will definitely like to have some sections with elevation changes. Cool video but would have loved to see someone rip it up at the end!!!

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Beautiful facility, well done video. Would have liked to hear more about what the end vision might be? Public/ private practice facility? Event racetrack, National track? What's the dream..

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SWEEEET! A killer track with a bunch of trees, and a river, easy access right off the highway. Can we have a national there? Rush and Bon Jovi fans to boot, nice!

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