Ken Roczen's Road: The Crash, Injury, Recovery, and Adapting... 5

We were able to snag about ten minutes of Ken Roczen's time to ask him about his injury and what his return to riding was like. He chats about the soreness, the excitement, and even what he's had to adapt to on the bike. He also talks about the causes of his wreck and some things he's changed on the bike to counteract this in the future. Listen in for all the details.

Credit: Michael Lindsay
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  • Zacka 161

    12/18/2017 6:13 PM

    I wish you would have made the questions as text on the screen, that background noise was out of control haha

  • MaxPower

    12/17/2017 4:45 AM

    Always like KR. Cant be easy moving to another country becoming a winner while getting the fans to embrace you. Will enjoy seeing him race again.

  • Johnny Depp

    12/15/2017 9:41 AM

    Really good job on the interview, other than your microphone being harder to hear than his. You have a future in TV with a voice like that and your background.
    The Mobius wrist brace seems to be a crucial part of his comeback, the wrist being a much bigger factor than the elbow.

    You asked directly about the impact moment at 3:12 and any changes made, great question.
    He mentions the 2 crashes were completely different.
    MEC he came up short and "had the bike back a little bit", "kinda framed it" and got "shot forward".
    A2 he bottomed (suspension soft) and a (rain induced) notchy transition and "ripped my feet off".
    After that you mentioned "the shock went through the stroke and had that rebound (KR yep)" so he agreed, but gave a different summary prior than you did.
    Going stiffer on the suspension was the only thing I picked up on as preventative? Nothing about more rebound or a linkage or peg glide plate mentioned.

    Again, great job investigative reporting, with more relevant content than any of the "others" from yesterdays press conference.

  • ML512

    12/15/2017 10:08 AM

    My comments were a short version of the written explanation I gave from my view, which was on the forum. As I explained in that original topic; the pegs, glide plate and linkage placement had nothing to do with the crash. Rebound damping can only control so much and if the compression damping isn't adequate, it places too much force for the rebound to handle. As Kenny mentioned, he liked his stuff soft and that's something I mentioned in that original the WP and KYB guys I had spoken too prior that have worked with him all mentioned his Supercross settings were soft for his overall speed. Chatting with Ken here, he acknowledges that he ran his stuff a bit too soft and due to their latest development he's now running a stiffer setting without giving up the initial comfort and feel he looks for.

  • burn1986

    12/15/2017 8:51 AM

    Cool vid. Ken looks a little more serious this time around. Sounds hungry to get back. Good Stuff ML

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