Cell Phone Tour: JGR MX 4

With an impromptu tour of JGR's motocross shop during our recent trip to North Carolina, we pulled out a cell phone and recorded our walk through the building, plus asking Jeremy Albrecht a few questions. It's not the shortest or highest quality video out there, but we suspect you'll find some interesting stuff in it anyhow.

Credit: Michael Lindsay

ML512 ML512 8/6/2017 5:19 PM

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its not the team. 1st class operation. I'm going to buy something from them just to support a team that supports our sport. it would be cool to say build me a bike and ship itcool

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That suspension room was hardcore motocross porn. You could lock me in that room and i'd be happy. w00t

Wish Jeremy showed the suspension dyno in action! ML, I'd love to see a segment on suspension dynos.

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