​Yamaha is a Japanese company that was founded in 1887 and was originally a manufacturer of musical instruments. Then, in 1954, they began manufacturing motorcycles and eventually got involved with the Motocross industry. Since then, they have become one of the major dirt bike brands and a serious contender for Motocross championships around the world. Currently, they have four factory supported race teams in the United States.

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2014 AMA 250 Motocross Nationals: Jeremy Martin

2015 AMA 250 West Supercross Championship: Cooper Webb

2015 AMA 250 Motocross Nationals: Jeremy Martin

2015 MXGP World Championship: Romain Febvre

2016 AMA 250 West Supercross Championship: Cooper Webb

  • Yamaha's XC lineup is becoming quite robust and the little bore machines aren't left out. While the YZ250FX remains unchanged in the performance department, the location of this year's test did. The BluCru decided to give us a crack at the conditions the bike was meant for by dropping us in Sout...

    Posted by ML512 on 9/19/2018 9:19 PM

  • The woods and creeks of South Carolina are where the two stroke roams, or in this case our 2019 Yamaha YZ250X which we got to take into some different scenery...unlike the deserts of the West coast. Hear our thoughts on the experience behind riding this machine in the conditions it was truly mea...

    Posted by ML512 on 9/13/2018 3:18 PM

  • A year after releasing an all-new YZ450F motocross bike, Yamaha has taken those same updates plus some additional changes to the YZ450FX. This year we were in for an even bigger treat, as we actually got to fly back to test this new model in trees, creeks, and roots of South Carolina...giving us...

    Posted by ML512 on 9/12/2018 2:54 PM

  • Since a massive overhaul in 2014, Yamaha's YZ250F instantly shot to the top of Shootout and opinions. Dubbed by many as a mini-450, the YZF had a power character a bit unique in the class and in an overall sense, it was FAST. Since then, it's stayed near the top with some revisions but ultimatel...

    Posted by ML512 on 7/17/2018 8:58 AM

  • While many glanced over Yamaha's 2019 YZ85 due to the continued looks from prior models, the bike can almost be classified as all-new because of the massive amount of changes that lies below that exterior. We chatted with Yamaha's Mike Ulrich to learn about the large list of changes aboard the '...

    Posted by ML512 on 6/29/2018 11:51 AM

  • Yamaha's 2018 YZ450F was a big overhaul for the brand. With the usual updates such as a new chassis and bodywork but taken a bit further. In the case of the bodywork, there was a big redesign up front to thin up the bike and attempt to reach the same feel as their competition. With a new airbox ...

    Posted by ML512 on 6/29/2018 8:57 AM

  • To hear our opinions on the 2018 Yamaha YZ65, hit the slideshow below. Our main test editor goes over the adult perspective of the machine, which offers some surprising results...before switching over to our youth rider for his thoughts. Below the slideshow you'll find another video player, wh...

    Posted by ML512 on 4/20/2018 10:12 AM

  • Vital MX: The rumors have proven true, Yamaha has stepped their game up by opening up their product range with a YZ65, giving them a more complete motocross lineup. Below you'll find a quick chat with Yamaha's Mike Ulrish, along with a launch video from the brand, and the tech specs with the pre...

    Posted by ML512 on 2/10/2018 5:33 PM

  • The Good:

    I love this bike!

    The Bad:

    Nothing at all!

    Overall Review: I love this bike! I have no complaints, this bike has a lot of power and is light in the air.

    Posted by Jeremy Beckers #933 on 10/3/2015 3:59 PM

  • Hear our First Impressions on the 2016 version of Yamaha's highly-acclaimed YZ250F.

    Posted by ML512 on 9/17/2015 1:23 PM

  • New dirt bikes come out every year, but that doesn’t mean riders are buying new machines every 12 months. No, for various reasons, riders will often keep a motorcycle for two, three, or four seasons. Heck, a die-hard might never get rid of a certain bike. Whether they simply can’t af...

    Posted by bayodome on 10/10/2013 2:01 AM