Suzuki Cycles is the motorcycle division of the Japanese based company Suzuki. Suzuki was founded in 1909, but the motorcycle division wasn't formed until 1952 when they manufacturer their first motorized bicycle. This eventually led into the company going all in and beginning production on both road bikes and dirt bikes. Today, Suzuki is on of the "big six" dirt bike manufacturers and supports several teams around the world.

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2010 AMA 450 Supercross Championship: Ryan Dungey

2010 AMA 450 Motocross Nationals: Ryan Dungey

  • While Suzuki showed us the initial photos of this bike and some light comments a few months ago, it's created a waiting game as we got closer to finally riding the bike. To speed things up a bit, Suzuki flew us to Japan to meet with the R&D staff behind the machine and finally see one up clo...

    Posted by ML512 on 9/13/2018 7:45 PM

  • Suzuki has given us the details on their long-awaited RM-Z250, while we attend their model launch in Japan. One year after the debut of their new RM-Z450, it was expected we'd see a new 250 four-stroke from the Hamamatsu, Japan-based manufacture. Albeit, it's obvious to see this bike received a ...

    Posted by ML512 on 9/10/2018 2:49 AM

  • Vital MX: This is a big year for Suzuki, after a solid ten years we finally have a new RM-Z450 to drool over. Earlier this month we actually visited Suzuki's R&D center in Japan to learn more about the new machine and chat with some of the crew involved with developing the bike. During this ...

    Posted by ML512 on 6/28/2017 2:13 AM

  • More Motocross Videos After a host of upgrades in 2016 (including engine updates, new suspension components, and a new frame), Suzuki's RM-Z250 has remained mostly the same for outside of some cosmetic changes for 2017. Based on our shootout opinions from last season, we already know the weak ...

    Posted by ML512 on 10/27/2016 2:00 PM

  • More Motocross Videos While it's true that Suzuki's RM-Z450 features the same plastic it did nine model years ago, it's often forgotten how many parts and updates it's actually received over the years. While it may look similar to the 2008 model, it's different and comparable at the same ti...

    Posted by ML512 on 8/17/2016 10:49 AM

  • Looking for a few opinions on the 2016 Suzuki RM-Z450? Then you've come to the right place. Below you'll find five different test rider's opinions from this year's 450 Shootout on the bike that has been labeled "the best turning 450" for many years. In 2016, the RM-Z450 didn't gain many im...

    Posted by ML512 on 12/23/2015 8:31 AM

  • For 2016, Suzuki has made a large amount of improvements to their RM-Z250. This includes over 80 changes throughout the engine, a switch to KYB suspension, and an upgraded frame. To hear out thoughts on the bike, click play.

    Posted by ML512 on 9/24/2015 12:13 PM

  • Suzuki's RM-Z450 has become the veteran of the 450 class due to its year-after-years of updates and revisions to the base design. 2016 continues this path and offers up a bike that has been refined even more. Check out our thoughts on the 2016 Suzuki RM-Z450.

    Posted by ML512 on 9/6/2015 8:44 PM

  • The Good:

    It's a 2 stroke ting ting ting

    The Bad:

    There is no bad

    Overall Review: You just need two of them

    Posted by Feralmx on 8/13/2014 3:35 PM

  • The Good:

    Really fast and fun.

    The Bad:

    Very tall, hard to touch the ground.

    Overall Review: This suzuki is one of the best 85's.

    Posted by juustin87 on 11/11/2011 6:14 PM

  • The Good:

    Handles like a scalpel.

    Cheap PC Works pipe and shorty will restore explosive 05/06 powerband(at a small over-rev cost) that 07 re-porting tamed.

    Cheap to buy, cheap to fix.

    Developing Popeye forearms to hold on when it hooks up.

    The Bad:

    If you've only ridden 4Ts, expect a learning curve. This isn't some 4T tractor with lbs of gyroscopic rotating mass right under your balls resisting leaning.

    If you've only ridden 4Ts, you will overshoot some corners and stall the engine while you learn how to use brakes with no engine braking to help.

    Sprained cheek muscles from all the grinning.

    Overall Review: 2Ts are the "rat rods" of moto. Yeah, 4Ts with their 200CC cheater advantage are a bit faster**. We don't care. If you're bored riding essentially the exact same bike as everybody else, just in a different color, on the same lines, sounding exactly the same, get a 2T. It'll be a challenge to ...

    Posted by 2T Terror on 9/14/2011 11:16 PM

  • The Good:

    Awesome handling bullet proof bike perfect fueling amazingly smooth throttle response heaps of power light clutch very slim bike that turns so well never let me down always starts 2nd time kick hot or cold.

    The Bad:

    Hard to think of a bad point could do with frame protectors from the factory ???????????

    Overall Review: From past experience will always buy the big S. Great bike.

    Posted by Movistar on 7/6/2011 7:37 AM

  • The Good:

    I have 100 hrs on the bike and it has been great so far. Turns great, the motor is great, and handles even better. The only issue I have is the stock suspension is soft for bigger/faster riders. I revalved mine and its now great.

    The Bad:

    I dont have a single complaint.

    Overall Review: I would recommend this bike to anyone.

    Posted by mx510 on 6/30/2011 2:37 PM