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​Rocket Exhaust is an American based motorcycle exhaust company owned by Don Leib. They have sponsored several riders and teams over the years, but their main ambassador has been Don's son, Michael Leib.

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Rocket Exhaust 2017 CRF450R Stainless/Aluminum System
Overall Review
No matter how you swing it, every time Honda drops a new bike it's a big deal. And in the case of their latest 450, it's one sought after machine. Now the downside, as with any all new model bike, is the lack of aftermarket parts available at launch...but now that the latest CRF has been around for a bit, we have some new toys to play with. We caught up with Rocket Exhaust's Don Leib recently at Cahuilla Creek and had the chance to test out his final production pipe for the new bike. While not a full-durability test, it was a chance to figure out what it does Features: Head and mid-pipes...
Posted by ML512 on 5/17/2017 9:01am
Rocket Exhaust - 2015 Yamaha YZ450F
Vital Review
Overall Review
Ever since the 2015 Vital MX 450 Shootout back in January, I've had the 2015 YZ450F in my garage. Out of the box, the overall package makes it very competitive, with the stock powerplant being the biggest standout. Still, I was curious to see what could be done with a simple mod, and decided to try out a system from Rocket Exhaust. Rocket Exhaust Features: Constructed from 6061 aluminum and 304 stainless steel. All models come equipped with carbon fiber end caps. Optional carbon fiber exhaust cans and FIM 2 Meter Max sound test cans. Optional exhaust can lengths available. Made in the USA...
Posted by DerrickC on 9/8/2015 7:53pm
Rocket Exhaust Carbon Fiber Full System
Vital Review
Overall Review
One of the first things most of us buy for our trusted machines is an exhaust system. Unfortunately, as bike prices have gone up so too have the cost of pipes. With this in mind, Rocket Exhaust is trying for more power but at a more affordable price. Here is the latest offering from the Southern California-based shop, tested on a 2013 KX450F. Rocket offers slip-on and full exhaust systems. For full systems, the head and mid pipe are made of stainless steel, but you have an option of an aluminum or carbon-fiber exhaust can. Options are where Rocket really shines: you can order aluminum models...
Posted by ML512 on 11/11/2013 5:02pm