• The Good:

    Awesome color, solid fit and finish, no rough edges or extra plastic to trim

    The Bad:

    Fender mount washers would be a nice addition, shock access holes could be lined up better.

    Overall Review: If there’s one thing I love it’s old two strokes. And if there’s something that I love doing to old two strokes, it’s making them look as updated as possible. The Honda CR chassis from the early 2000’s finally has an incredible facelift option on market thanks to Polisport. Polisport originally ...

    Posted by ginger969 on 10/24/2019 11:37 AM

  • Whether they're constructed from metal or plastic, and are tall or small, we all have bike stands. Aluminum stands are sturdy, but take up a bit of space. The size of your stand may not be a big deal if you're going for a solo ride in your pickup, but if you're hauling a few bikes, then every bi...

    Posted by ML512 on 5/27/2015 10:43 AM