Party in the Pasture

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  • Party in the Pasture with Dano 2015 (video)

    This year the Moto community came together for the annual Party in the Pasture event held at Kevin Windham's property. This video gives you a look at some of the things that went on during an action packed weekend of Moto, Live music and all around good time! Hosted by Dano Legere of DVS.

    Posted by ocscottie on 12/9/2015 8:12 AM

  • Kevin Windham's Party In The Pasture 2015 (video)

    It's the best moto/country related party in the country, known as the Party in the Pasture and it's in Kevin Windham's backyard! Check out Kevin, Wil Hahn, Brett Cue, Christian Craig, Jeremy McGrath, Jordon Smith and more, throwing whips and enjoying the whole event! Check out some of the fun an...

    Posted by ML512 on 12/3/2015 11:16 AM

  • Kevin Windham's Party in the Pasture 2015 Aerial View (video)

    Some aerial footage I captured with my DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter at Kevin Windham's Ride Day 2015. All proceeds are being donated to the Asterisk Mobile Medical Center and the Road to Recovery Foundation. An opportunity to ride with Kevin Windham, Jeremy McGrath, Will Hahn, Brett Cue ...

    Posted by ocscottie on 11/24/2015 8:55 AM

  • Party In The Pasture 2014 - Kevin Windham, Brett Cue, Wil Hahn & More (video)

    We head down to Kevin Windham’s annual Ride Day/Party in the Pasture for some Motocross, Freestyle, Big Whips, Live music, BBQ and more. Check out the action!

    Posted by ML512 on 11/17/2014 1:15 PM

  • Party in the Pasture 2014 (video)

    Kevin Windham held his annual Party in the Pasture all in loving memory of a fallen friend and rider Chris Blankenship. This year was better than ever with Kevin opening his private track for ride day, as well as helicopter rides, and Craig Morgan headlining the concert. Check out the action.

    Posted by GuyB on 11/10/2014 10:45 AM