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FMF Racing Factory 4.1 RCT Stainless/Aluminum System With MegaBomb Header - 2016 KX450F
Overall Review
As some readers may have noticed, I've mentioned spending quite a bit of time on the Kawasaki KX450Fs over the past few years, and they hold a special place in my heart. So to say the least, I was quite excited for the 2016 model to come out, due to its large revamp. Overall, I think almost every test rider will agree that it's better in about every aspect over its predecessor. For me though, I do have one area I missed a little from the '15 and prior model, the low-end snap. While the '16 model has plenty of torque, it doesn't have quite the same instant snap of the throttle that some of the...
Posted by ML512 on 1/22/2016 8:50am