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Flo Motorsports Pro 160 Levers
Vital Review
The Good

Folding design works as promised. A little lighter clutch pull. No play or wiggle in joints.

The Bad

Brake lever changed the engagement to be more progressive than aggressive.

Overall Review
I’m sure you remember just as well as I do when companies started coming out with “unbreakable levers” some years back. Many companies eventually designed similar concepts to help negate the issue of breaking off lever tips in a tip over at the track or out in the mountains. While this concept made a lot of sense to me then, and I have ran a few of the different brands over the years, I have always seemed to switch back to an OEM perch and lever. Mainly I felt the levers had too much play or the engagement just wouldn’t feel as positive as the stock setup. But, it is time for me give them...
Posted by ginger969 on 11/5/2018 11:19am