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Acerbis X-Seat Soft
Vital Review
The Good

The perfect amount of grip, waterproof, firm feel provides less of a pocket that some soft stock seats can have.

The Bad

Heavier than stock, can't change covers because there isn't one.

Overall Review
A seat is a seat, right? All bikes have them and other than the grippy-ness of the cover and density of the foam, there isn’t much to them. But what about the shape? Acerbis X-Seat Soft for the Honda CRF250R has a whole different shape (and grip and density, for that matter) than any other seat on the market. Acerbis X-Seat Soft Features MSRP: 199.95 Fully external plastic shell with anti-slip grip. External plastic shell bonded with a waterproof inner foam. Shell-bonded, expanded waterproof foam for maximum comfort. At 1,450 grams, lighter than leading competitors. Fully waterproof; the...
Posted by Klinger on 2/24/2020 5:34pm