100% is a goggle, glove, and helmet manufacturer. The company's origin dates back as far as the 1980's, but they didn't start manufacturing products until the 2000's.

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Star Racing Yamaha

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Tommy Searle

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  • 100% Racecraft Plus
    Not a super brand new product, the Racecraft Plus Goggle has been out since the end of last year, but 100% were pretty low key with the the introduction of the the new goggle and we felt that it deserved a closer look. Speaking of look, without actually holding the Racecraft Plus, you can’t re...

    Posted by Klinger on 11/2/2018 5:39 PM

  • 100% Racecraft Goggles

    The Good:

    I love these goggles!

    The Bad:

    Nothing at all!

    Overall Review: I love my 100% Barbados Goggles! I have no complaints at all! I love the colors on my Barbados goggles!

    Posted by Jeremy Beckers #933 on 10/3/2015 4:05 PM

  • 100% Racecraft Goggles
    Review and Photos by Michael Lindsay Since I started riding as a child (about 18 years ago), it doesn't seem like goggles have changed a whole lot. However as you've probably noticed, the overall size of the goggles and their lenses have been increasing the past few years. 100%, in particular,...

    Posted by ML512 on 12/22/2014 12:36 PM