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2018 Kawasaki KX250F

Vital Review

“First Impressions: 2018 Kawasaki KX250F”

When a manufacturer drops a all-new or heavily updated model, it's rare to see a large list of upgrades the following year. However, Kawasaki has broken this cycle a bit by dropping another round of updates for 2018 after a big overhaul in 2017. Up on deck are changes to the parts we saw new last year, such as the top-end of the engine. The 2018 model has a revised cylinder head intake port, mostly focused on the bridge area between the ports, along with an update to the angle of the injector in the throttle body. This injector now sprays the fuel into the incoming air stream at a straighter angle, meaning the air helps sheer the Read More »

2018 Honda CRF450R

Vital Review

“First Impressions: 2018 Honda CRF450R”

After possibly the biggest year for the CRF450R in 2017, next to the first model in 2002, what is Honda going to do to up it? Honestly, it's a bit tough, although it didn't win our '17 did come very, very close. Along with being near the top in basically every media outlets comparison. As with any all-new model, the second year doesn't usually boast very many changes but those changes are very key. For 2018, Honda went after the main complaints, the forks, and tweaked on the balance a bit. This consists of new spring rates front and rear (stiffer), along with some new upper engine brackets. Beyond this, the bike now Read More »

MXGP 3 - Video Game

Vital Review

“Tested: MXGP 3 - The Video Game”

Hey! A new motocross video game is out! They don't come around all that often, so we tend to get pretty excited when one gets released. This time, it's MXGP 3 from Milestone. As you might have guessed, the "3" means that this is the third entry in the MXGP series. The two that came before this one were good indicators that Milestone has the potential to make a great motocross game, but they were not the best. So, is the third one the chosen one? Is it the ultimate motocross video game? Unfortunately, no, MXGP 3 is not perfect. But there is some good news: it's the best MXGP game yet. Read on as we go in-depth with all Read More »

Rocket Exhaust 2017 CRF450R Stainless/Aluminum System

Vital Review

“First Impressions: Rocket Exhaust - 2017 CRF450R Full System”

No matter how you swing it, every time Honda drops a new bike it's a big deal. And in the case of their latest 450, it's one sought after machine. Now the downside, as with any all new model bike, is the lack of aftermarket parts available at launch...but now that the latest CRF has been around for a bit, we have some new toys to play with. We caught up with Rocket Exhaust's Don Leib recently at Cahuilla Creek and had the chance to test out his final production pipe for the new bike. While not a full-durability test, it was a chance to figure out what it does Features: Head Read More »

2017 KTM 250 SX-F Factory Edition

Vital Review

“First Impressions: 2017 KTM 250 SX-F Factory Edition”

While at first the KTM Factory Editions seemed like an odd idea, year-after-year they continue to sell them and we continue to see them at the track. With this, naturally the 250 SX-F joined the fray a few years ago and now is modeled after the Troy Lee Designs KTM team. This year the bike features the usual orange frame, clamps, and sprockets...along with the team graphics kit and all-orange plastic that we usually see on this bike. Beyond that is some new suspension settings from the 17 production bike, front and rear, along with some hard parts updates in the fork. The overall goal was to make the bike more Read More »

2016 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin

Vital Review

“Tested: Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin”

For the majority of our thoughts, plus a look at the machine in action, click play on the video above. Yes, a large adventure bike is something we don't see much of on Vital MX, but in the case of the Africa Twin it was a must test! Okay, well, it was a personal "must test" but it was completely worth it. For years, I personally laughed at the thought of riding a large adventure bike...initially finding them to be a bit pointless. Sort of like large street bikes meant for the dirt, but without basically any dirt prowess, while taking away a ton of that initial streetability. Now in the past few years this has definitely changed Read More »

Yoshimura RS-9T Titanium/Carbon Full System

Vital Review

“Tested: Yoshimura RS-9T Titanium/Carbon Full System - 2017 Honda CRF450R”

One thing was certain when it came to the 2017 450s, Honda's latest CRF450R has made the largest gains of them all. Although it didn't win our Vital MX 450 Shootout, it received high marks from all of our test riders and similar praise from other media outlets. One of the biggest points of improvement was the engine, and while it was a huge step in the right direction, there were some still looking for a bit more. With a bike being this radically new, performance parts are harder to come by...but Yoshimura being the supplier of HRC in Japan, Europe, and the U.S. had a bit of headstart. Read More »

Dragon NFX2 Goggles

Vital Review

“Tested: Dragon NFX2 Goggles”

I’ve always been pretty particular about which goggles I use, ever since I first saw McGrath rockin’ his rad signature series back in the day. Since then, I’ve had experience riding with everything from the old affordable Spy Targas, to some of the high-end Transformer-looking setups from the likes of Scott, Oakley, and 100%. When it comes to goggles, their price and quality definitely seem to go hand in hand. While my $30 basic Targas got the job done, it’s the small details that really set the high-end goggle apart. In this case, the Dragon NFX2’s are a great example of a company looking to produce the best Read More »

Gaerne SG 12 BOOTS

“Good boot.”

The Good:

Very comfortable, supportive and look great.

The Bad:

Steel toe sole.

Overall Review: Overall this is a great boot. I had a two pairs of Tech10s prior to buying the SG12. The only complaint I have coming off of the molded sole Tech 10 is the steel toe tip gets caught on my shifter in certain riding positions making it kind of awkward at times. I am learning what position is causing me to this and fixing it on my end. All in all great boot so far and I do recommend them.  

2017 Suzuki RM-Z250

Vital Review

“First Impressions: 2017 Suzuki RM-Z250”

More Motocross Videos After a host of upgrades in 2016 (including engine updates, new suspension components, and a new frame), Suzuki's RM-Z250 has remained mostly the same for outside of some cosmetic changes for 2017. Based on our shootout opinions from last season, we already know the weak point of the small-bore four stroke Suzuki is centered around the overall output of the engine. But in usual Suzuki style, the handling characteristics are top-level and keep some positive light over the machine. Check out some opinions from our test rider, Chris See, as he spins some laps out at the famous Glen Helen Raceway.