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MotoConcepts MotoStand

Vital Review

“Tested: MotoConcepts MotoStand”


Whether it's aluminum, plastic, steel, or maybe it's just a piece of wood; either way we all have something that we call a bike stand. Over the years I've had a bit of everything, from using an old milk crate, to a beater hand-me-down aluminum stand, and even some lift stands for working on the bike in the shop. However, the latest one I've been hauling around is a lightweight plastic stand from MotoConcepts, the MotoStand. MotoStand Features: Stackable with other MotoStands. Full customizable graphics kits available. Can carry a five-gallon fuel can when flipped upside down. Injection-molded plastic Read More »

FMF Stainless/Aluminum 4.1 RCT System with Megabomb Header for 2016 KX450F

Vital Review

“Tested: FMF Stainless/Aluminum 4.1 RCT with Megabomb Header for 2016 KX450F”


As some readers may have noticed, I've mentioned spending quite a bit of time on the Kawasaki KX450Fs over the past few years, and they hold a special place in my heart. So to say the least, I was quite excited for the 2016 model to come out, due to its large revamp. Overall, I think almost every test rider will agree that it's better in about every aspect over its predecessor. For me though, I do have one area I missed a little from the '15 and prior model, the low-end snap. While the '16 model has plenty of torque, it doesn't have quite the same instant snap of the throttle that some of the Read More »

2016 KTM 450SX-F

Vital Review

“Tested: 2016 KTM 450SX-F”


The past few years, KTM has definitely been the manufacture on the move, and 2016 is no exception as they released another all-new 450. The KTM has become more main-stream in its feel, but still carries a few unique items with its WP suspension, electric starter, and chromoly frame. Do these and KTM's other unique features make it a winner or just another bike in the pack? Check out some opinions from five of our test riders to find out. Dyno services provided by Race Tech. Name:Robby Bell/ Age:30 Height:6' 0"/ Weight:165 lbs. Riding Experience:Professional Motocross and Off-Road What brings the KTM to the top, was how quickly I Read More »

2016 Honda CRF450R

Vital Review

“Tested: 2016 Honda CRF450R”


Need a good comparison on the 2016 Honda CRF450? Well, we have five test riders to give their thoughts on the lightweight, nimble red machine. For 2016, the CRF450R went through a number of changes to suspension and chassis, but nothing major on the engine side. These thoughts, taken from our 2016 450 Shootout, should give you an idea if Honda's nimble approach is enough to overlook the mellow power that so many argue about. Dyno services provided by Race Tech. Name: Michael Lindsay / Age: 23 Height: 5' 9" / Weight: 150 lbs. Experience: Expert It's funny to think that the Honda has had a small, lightweight, 450 platform since Read More »

Fly Racing Sector Boots

Vital Review

“Tested: Fly Racing Sector Boots”


In the saturated world of motocross and off-road gear, Fly Racing has become a very serious brand, and their Sector Boot is something that has caught my attention. I’ve always been fascinated with boots. It could come from my track record of broken ankles, or my obsession with rolling up to the track with sparkly white boots that help make me look faster than I really am. Either way, I’ve always been a fan of the Fly gear and figured it was about time to see how these things stack up against the Gaernes, Alpinestars, and Sidis of the world. Fly Racing Sector Boot Features: Torsion Control System – a unique structure, which Read More »

Gaerne SG 12 BOOTS

“Great boots”


The Good:

good protection, comfortable ,good quality , durable

The Bad:

heavy , expensive

Overall Review: <p>its a really good boot, i have had some bad crashes and my ankles have been ok every time,solid construction, they grip the frame very well all in all they are $619.95 price tag in my opinion they are far superior to the alpinestars tech 10s </p>

Fastway Air EXP Ankle-Savers Footpegs

Vital Review

“Tested: Fastway Air/EXT AnkleSavers”


I’ve always felt that footpegs make a huge difference in how comfortable I feel on my bike, as they can inspire confidence on jumps and through the corners. Recently, I’d been running some cheap knockoff brand footpegs on my 2015 KTM 250SX-F, and decided it was time to upgrade. Since I'd been a huge fan of the Fastway brand pegs that I'd used on my last three bikes, I decided to give them another shot. But this go-around, I decided to try a set with the new AnkleSavers design. With the AnkleSavers, this is the first time I’ve been interested to see how a footpeg might help prevent injuries when making some common— Read More »

100% Racecraft Goggles

“100% Barbados Goggles Light Blue & Yellow”


The Good:

I love these goggles!

The Bad:

Nothing at all!

Overall Review: <p>I love my 100% Barbados Goggles! I have no complaints at all! I love the colors on my Barbados goggles! </p>