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Lectron 38 HV Carburetor

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“Tested: Lectron 38 HV Carburetor”

I recently got my hands on a new 2018 KTM 150 SX, and I'm really getting a feel for the bike. I’ve actually spent quite a bit of time riding it in completely stock form, and if you follow my YouTube videos you’ve likely seen that the bike had some sputter and bog at roll-on with the stock Mikuni TMX carb. Yeah, I've dabbled with the jets that came with the bike, as well as tweaking the needle position, but never really got it running the way I'd envisioned. It actually made the bike a bit frustrating to ride, and the power was disappointing. That's why I made a call to Lectron in hopes of remedying the frustration Read More »

Fox Racing Vue Goggle

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“Tested: Fox Vue Goggle”

Over the decades, Fox has created some great riding gear. But in the distant past, some of their other items didn't quite match up to the level of the pants and jerseys, which made it slightly tough for racers to think of them as a head-to-toe brand. Fortunately, we've seen excellent quality helmets from them for over a decade now, and high-end boots for over five years. But goggles were an area that had been a bit lacking, especially as the market moved toward a wider field of vision and molded lenses for added safety. For 2018, Fox rounded out their total package with the Vue goggles. They claim these were Read More »

2018 Yamaha YZ65

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“First Impressions: 2018 Yamaha YZ65”

To hear our opinions on the 2018 Yamaha YZ65, hit the slideshow below. Our main test editor goes over the adult perspective of the machine, which offers some surprising results...before switching over to our youth rider for his thoughts. Below the slideshow you'll find another video player, which has an interview we did with Yamaha USA's head of testing, Steven Butler, where we discuss the origin and development of the new YZ65. First Impressions: 2018 Yamaha YZ65 — More Motocross Photos Video: Developing the 2018 Yamaha YZ65 2018 Yamaha YZ65 Specifications Engine Type: 65cc liquid-cooled two-stroke; reed-valve inducted Bore x Read More »

Works Connection Aluminum Radiator Brace

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“Tested: Works Connection Radiator Braces”

Radiators are among the items on your bike that don't require a serious crash to ruin. In fact, it seems that even the most minor slideouts and tip-overs in corners can be among the most destructive things to them. Sadly, this can end in a leak, and the end of your riding day...along with a bill to fix or completely replace the radiator itself. In most cases, a good set of braces can save the radiators and can actually be cheaper than even the lowest cost replacements. While some radiator braces can be quite bulky and more cage-like, Works Connection keeps things simple with their Read More »

RXR Bullet Chest Protector

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“Tested: RXR Bullet Chest Protector”

To me, chest protectors are a lot like knee braces. I didn’t wear knee braces until I had ACL surgery on both knees. Now I won’t ride without them. Recently I took a handlebar to the sternum during a crash and ended up dislocating a good portion of my ribs. The cartilage is still recovering, which makes it a great time for me to see what type of protection is on the market to protect my tender ribs! RXR was brought to my attention, and after looking into their technology it seemed like an obvious choice to test out. They have a unique approach to impact protection in the Chest Protector product space that's called Air Shock Read More »

2018 Alta Motors RedShift MXR

Vital Review

“First Impressions: 2018 Alta Motors Redshift MXR and MX”

It's truly amazing how far the Alta crew has come since we saw its predecessor, BRD, and then the first version of the Alta at the AIMExpo in 2014. While there's been a few electric motocross-based offerings on the market, the Redshift MX really stands out as the first one to be comparable and even competitive when compared to the current internal combustion offerings that we're used to. Beyond that they've kicked off 2018 with a big jump in performance as they launched a new race-focused model, the MXR, and were also able to significantly cut the costs on their standard MX model. Now their standard 2018 Redshift MX comes Read More »

Asterisk Cell Knee Braces

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“Tested: Asterisk Cell Knee Braces”

A pair of Asterisk knee braces is where it all started for me. Back when I was 14 and just moving up to full-sized bikes, I had a minor knee injury and my parents decided to step up my knee protection. I attempted to get my insurance to buck up for a pair of custom CTIs, to be one of the cool kids, but that didn't off to Chaparral Motorsports we went to try on anything we could get our hands on. I walked out with a pair of Asterisk and those initial braces survived a lot; around three years of riding with three to four days a week of abuse was handed out before they finally went in to be Read More »

Fastway Evolution 4 Footpegs

Vital Review

“First Look: Fastway Evolution 4 Footpegs”

We get some pretty cool products to try but some are just a bit cooler than others. One of the latest things to land on our desk was Fastway's Evolution 4 Footpegs, and we're going to give them a quick moment in the spotlight. The Evo 4 is the latest in Fastway's Evolution line and is produced from stainless steel, plus it measure in at 3.50 inches from front-to-back and 2.25 inches wide. Updates from the Evo 3 are mostly focused around the shape and size, giving it a more rounded/moto appearance and increasing the length of the peg...along with adding the height adjustments from their Air line. This allows you to change Read More »

2018 KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition

Vital Review

“First Impressions: 2018 KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition”

Every few years, KTM gives us a Factory Edition that's a bit more special then the rest. Check out our thoughts on the latest version, the 2018 450 SX-F Factory Edition.   Any questions about our opinions or thoughts on the bike? Hit us with a question in the comment section below.

Yoshimura RS-9T Honda CRF250R Dual System

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“Tested: Yoshimura RS-9T Honda CRF250R Dual System”

Honda's 2018 CRF250R followed in the footsteps of the highly-anticipated CRF450R redo from the prior year. However, as we soon found out during our First Look testing, and even more during the Shootout, the newest CRF has an amazing chassis and great balance...but is lacking a bit in the motor department for the first year. Most notably there's a lack of roll-on power and torque needed to get the bike up and going at lower revs. Once things are wound up though, the bike is a just needs a bit more oomph to really round out the package. Yoshimura RS-9T Honda CRF250R Features: The Read More »