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2019 Yamaha YZ250F

Vital Review

“First Impressions: 2019 Yamaha YZ250F”

Since a massive overhaul in 2014, Yamaha's YZ250F instantly shot to the top of Shootout and opinions. Dubbed by many as a mini-450, the YZF had a power character a bit unique in the class and in an overall sense, it was FAST. Since then, it's stayed near the top with some revisions but ultimately a few bikes have come within it's reign or even taken it away. This was due to a larger feel and handling charateristics that weren't horrible, but just not as finely-tuned as the competition had become. For 2019, Yamaha came in with a host of suspension, chassis, and bodywork changes to get the YZ250F to feel more like the light 250s it Read More »

Fasst Company Oversized Flexx Handlebars

“Game changers”

The Good:

Took already good AER suspension and ironed out all the little bumps while improving botteming feel.

Noticeable smoother ride, less blistering, immensely better on slap downs and hacked out square edges and for off road it makes the front calmer on flat/off camber turns with lots of rocks.

I can’t tell they’re heavier while riding either.

Literally no regrets at all and I doubt I’ll race without these bars ever again.

The Bad:

Cost, but if you think your suspension is already pretty good I would pass on a revalve and get these instead.

Only other challenge is if you run a ton of things mounted onto your bars. The “moto” bends don’t have as much bar room as stock if you are going to mount GPS, etc, but it hasn’t been an issue for me.

Overall Review:

One of the best purchases I’ve made for any dirt bike. Like them for MX and love them for off road. 

Renthal Twinwall Oversized Handlebars

“Twinwall 999”

The Good:

Strong good feeling bar. Looks good!

The Bad:

Being amonst the lowest bend it can sometimes be a bear to get the cross bar pad on. Minor details though.

Overall Review:

Im 6' tall and i prefer a lower bar height. The twinwall 999 is my bar of choice after running numerous bar heights between both pro taper or renthal. 

2019 Husqvarna FS 450

Vital Review

“First Look: 2019 Husqvarna FS 450”

Vital MX: Building a Supermoto capable 450 can be a bit daunting, along with requiring a list of unique and expensive upgrades. Husqvarna however is trying to make things a bit easier with a model ready right off the showroom floor. For 2019, it's gained all the updates of its upgraded motocross brethren, check it out. HUSQVARNA MOTORCYCLES UNVEILS NEW FS 450 SUPERMOTO TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION FOR UNMATCHED CLOSED-CIRCUIT SUPERMOTO PERFORMANCE Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to introduce the 2019 Husqvarna FS 450 – a new supermoto offering both professional and amateur competitors a machine that features the highest levels of Read More »

Troy Lee Designs SE Air Shadow Jersey & Pant

“2018 TLD SE Air”

The Good:

Simple design, not busy, quality, long life pant, comfortable

The Bad:

No ratchet straps for waste, neck tight

Overall Review:

Good quality gear from TLD. Waste on size 34 was pretty small, waste on 36 seems huge.  I like the simple design, it will stay in style for years and its made well enough that I expect it to last years without ripping or tearing.  Gloves are extremely comfortable and have velcro on top not on bottom. 

2019 Alta Motors Redshift EXR

Vital Review

“First Impressions: 2019 Alta Motors RedShift EXR”

On the heels of their MXR announcement and intro just a few months ago, Alta Motors has taken the same upgraded battery pack and controller units to add to their EX line, creating the EXR. The 2019 RedShift EXR is Alta's do anything machine, as it's their competitor for the dual sport/enduro market. Street legal in any state, the EXR is meant to be ridden in the dirt, on the street, and anywhere in between. We spent three days up at their office in the San Francisco bay area, and north in Nevada City to ride/test out the new machine. Hit the video below to hear our thoughts on the the EXR, along with seeing it in action. Read More »

2019 Yamaha YZ450F

Vital Review

“First Impressions: 2019 Yamaha YZ450F”

Yamaha's 2018 YZ450F was a big overhaul for the brand. With the usual updates such as a new chassis and bodywork but taken a bit further. In the case of the bodywork, there was a big redesign up front to thin up the bike and attempt to reach the same feel as their competition. With a new airbox design, relocated radiators and mounting angles, along with a fuel tank change...they were able to rotate the shrouds inwards and this was one of the largest changes a brand has ever made just with plastics. Other than that, Yamaha added their name to the electric start club with a complete engine case redesign and also made some casting Read More »

2019 Kawasaki KX450

Vital Review

“First Impressions: 2019 Kawasaki KX450”

While we test a lot of "new" bikes every year, there are some that really fit the description of all-new well. This year, that label belongs to Kawasaki and the 2019 KX450. The list of parts that didn't change is much shorter than what actually changed as the bike got the biggest overhaul of its existence as it heads into the fifth generation platform. There's so much to talk about with this bike and there's a few ways we're going to give it to you. First off, check out the video below for our usual mix of action and a quite breakdown of what we thought after our first day on the bike. If you want to read all the tech, check this Read More »

2019 KTM 350 SX-F

Vital Review

“First Impressions: 2019 KTM 350 SX-F”

KTM's 350 SX-F has had a few descriptions. For some it's considered the vet's weapon, a few will label it as a "fun" alternative to the big boys of the class (450s), other note it was the machine Antonio Cairoli won multiple world titles on, and some will say it's the bike in their garage already. So what is the 2019 model? Click play to learn more about the changes and our thoughts on the track.

2019 KTM 250 SX-F

Vital Review

“First Impressions: 2019 KTM 250 SX-F”

KTM has hit another generation with the introduction of their 2019 motocross model range. While each bike has specific updates, the consensus for all their models is a new chassis and associated bodywork and components to give the bikes a more responsive and thinner feel. The 250 SX-F doesn't just stop there though, it also got its already impressive engine massaged quite a bit, finding some extra ponies laying around to please our needs. To learn more about the overall changes, fit up our First Look...and for our First Impressions on the bike, hit the video below.