Renthal Dual Compound Tapered Half Waffle MX Grip



Renthal Dual Compound Tapered Half Waffle MX Grip
Hard-wearing base material and either Soft compound, Ultra Tacky, or Aramid contact patch
• Additional grip is achieved with the unique tapered diamond pattern: diamonds taper down from large at the thumb to regular at the end, which mirrors a closed fist and provides the highest levels of grip available
• Hard base ensures the grip survives the toughest of punishments while the contact patch provides comfort and feel of a soft grip
• Full diamond design with a half-waffle pattern at the fingertip contact patch provides additional mud clearance in a key area while not affecting the palm
• Full flanged style
• Colors: Grey/Black, Grey/Red, Grey/Orange, Grey/Yellow, Grey/Green, Grey/Blue, Black UltraTacky, Aramid

Advanced contact patch compound options:
• UltraTacky: The unique properties of the Ultra Tacky compound provide a stronger bond to the handlebar, meaning you are able to control the bike with less physical input; the sticky surface lasts the lifetime of the grip; if it loses stickiness, simply wash with clean water and air dry to re-activate
• Aramid: the most advanced grip compound to date; millions of randomly aligned Kevlar-brand resin particles are suspended in the base material; as the grip is used, more of these particles are exposed, resisting wear while retaining a tacky feel
Soft Compound: $20.95
UltraTacky or Aramid: $25.95
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