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Excellent Bike
The Good
New chassis is stable and turns better than previous chassis. Engine is smooth and with a couple mods it is excellent. Slim, neutral ergonomics.
The Bad
Stock muffler is 25 compliant and so it is very choked up. Air filter and cage design could be improved.
Overall Review:

This is an awesome bike.  It handles so, so good.  Once you put a muffler on it and open up the airbox the power is on par with all the other 450s.  I found the suspension to be just right for 170 lb moto use.  Get a slip on and a Twin Air powerflow kit and you are in business!


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Bike of the year?
The Good
Turns much better than previous generation model of the kx450. I actually enjoy that it is slightly down on power, even after taking out the grommet and adding the twin air powerflow kit and fmf slip on exhaust. The jerkiness of the previous model was very hard late in the stages of riding and racing that it became very annoying. The cornering on the new kx450 went far past my expectations and gives a rider much more confidence. The Brembo front brake, once broken in, becomes very linear and gives a much further level of confidence under hard braking. The adjustability you get with lowering foot pegs also helps guys that are 6 foot plus(im 5'11 but still lower them). Honestly my favorite Kawasaki i have ridden.
The Bad
The suspension feels great right out of the box but once it gets broken in, it becomes that normal Showa style where it gets harsh mid stroke and seems to be very inconsistent. The new stock air box leaves a lot to be desired with the tightness of it just how janky it feels. The cockpit feels different to me, could just be the way the new chassis is, but it feels slightly more cramped. With the new chassis it also adds some headshake up front that i have fixed with lowering the forks in the clamps a few mm, but you will get it time to time on the high speed sections. If you're 175 pounds or smalled, id highly suggest swapping out the rear shock as it becomes very pitchy and wants to send you over the bars here and there(yes ive adjusted hi-speed and rebound accordingly), but its impossible to get race sag and static sag with the stock spring.
Overall Review:

My overall review and experience this far, has exceeded my expectations for what i thought this bike was going to be. I knew it was going to be good, but this is just pure fun all around in my eyes. Yes, you have to change up a few things, but thats on every bike and to be expected. The bike likes to be played with as you can find many sweet spots. Yes i will forever enjoy kyb over the showa stuff, but its hard to argue with. The new kx450 likes to be ridden higher in the rpm's and to me feels as close to a 350 as were going to get, unless kawi makes a 350(which would be amazing and honestly think would sell like hot cakes). Especially with all the rebates going on, this bike is more than worth it and already looking forward to riding more this weekend.


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Kawasaki KX450 Bike
Model Year
Engine Size
Engine Type
Engine Displacement
Bore x Stroke
96.0 mm x 62.1 mm
Compression Ratio
Fuel System
DFI (Dual Fuel Injection) with 44 mm Keihin throttle body and dual injectors
Digital CDI, three coupler options; push-button electric start with lightweight, compact Li-ion battery
Close-ratio 5-speed, return shift; hydraulic wet multi-disc manual clutch with coned disc spring
Final Drive
Suspension Front
Showa 49 mm inverted telescopic coil-spring fork, 21-way compression damping, 22-way rebound damping, 305 mm (12.0") travel
Suspension Rear
Uni-Trak system, Showa A-KIT Compact Design gas charged shock with piggyback reservoir, dual-range (4.25 turns stepless high-speed, 19-way low-speed) compression damping, 23-way rebound damping, stepless adjustable preload, 307 mm (12.1") travel
Brakes Front
Brembo dual-piston caliper, single semi-floating 270 mm Braking/Sunstar petal disc
Brakes Rear
Nissin single-piston caliper, single 240 mm Braking/Sunstar petal disc
Tires Front
Tires Rear
Overall Length
2179 mm (85.8")
Overall Width
820 mm (32.3")
Overall Height
1270 mm (50.0")
Seat Height
960 mm (37.8")
1481 mm (58.3")
Ground Clearance
345 mm (13.6")
26.6° / 4.5"
Fuel Capacity
6.2 liters (1.64 gallons)
Curb Weight
112.6 kg (248.2 lbs) with fuel, 108.1 kg (238.3 lbs) without
• New engine tuning
• Lowered shock tower to allow a straighter intake into the new angled cylinder head
• New cylinder head with revised layout of entire intake system
• New straight exhaust port and center exhaust for straighter airflow and improved efficiency
• New handlebar-mounted traction control, power mode, and launch control switch
• New lightweight aluminum perimeter frame with optimized stiffness and dimensions that help improve the front-end feeling and traction
• Revised slim ergonomic bodywork and easy-to-remove quick-release side cover and tool-free access to air filter
• New Kawasaki TRaction Control (KTRC) assistance modes (strong, weak or off) and power modes (normal or mild response)
• Added smartphone connectivity: with RIDEOLOGY THE APP riders are able to adjust fuel and ignition timing and keep a maintenance log using Bluetooth connectivity from their smartphone
• Kawasaki Launch Control Mode (KLCM) with push-button activation electronically manages engine output in first and second gear to minimize wheel spin when moving off; normal ignition mapping immediately resumes and full power is restored once rider shifts into third gear
• Cooling: liquid
• Engine: DOHC, single piston
• Frame: aluminum perimeter
• Grips: ODI lock-on
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