Michelin M12 Xc Rear Tire

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Product Michelin M12 Xc Rear Tire
Miscellaneous Every aspect of Michelin's XC-Series tires has been designed to maximize traction. Now a new rubber mixture improves durability by 10 - 15 percent, and grip by 25 percent, compared with their predecessors. The aggressive, terrain-specific knob patterns bite down hard while resisting chunking. The XC-series casing is designed to absorb impacts with less rebound, so the tires spend more time on the ground - for outstanding acceleration, braking and steering. The new M12 XC tire is highly versatile and excels in a variety of terrains. Developed for mixed / dry conditions. Massive knobs resist tearing on hardpack. Knob pattern designed for traction in loose dirt. Confidence-inspiring traction and steering. Note: Sold individually.
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