Michelin Cross Ac10 Rear Tire

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Product Michelin Cross Ac10 Rear Tire
Miscellaneous Reversible tread pattern with a tread indicator Mirror image knobs provide equal traction in both directions on a wide range of terrain Specially formulated rubber mix for durability that resist tearing and chunking even under hard use R rated for speeds up to 106 mph D.O.T. approved Fits vehicles:2007 SUZUKI RM 250;2007 KTM SX 505 F;2007 KTM SX 450 F;2007 KTM SX 250;2007 SUZUKI RM 125;2007 KAWASAKI KX 250F;2007 HONDA CRF 450R;2006 YAMAHA YZ 250;2006 YAMAHA YZ 450F 50TH ANNIVERSARY;2007 YAMAHA YZ 250;2010 KTM SX 450 F;2006 YAMAHA YZ 450F;2007 YAMAHA YZ 450F;2008 HONDA CRF 450R;2008 KTM SX 250;2008 KTM SX 450 F;2008 KTM SX 505 F;2008 SUZUKI RM 250;2008 YAMAHA YZ 250;2009 APRILIA MXV 450;2009 KTM SX 250;2009 KTM SX 450 F;2006 SUZUKI RM 250;2010 KTM SX 250;2007 HONDA CR 250R;2010 YAMAHA YZ 250;2009 YAMAHA YZ 250;2004 KTM SX 525 RACING;2007 KAWASAKI KX 250;2006 SUZUKI RM 250 RICKY CARMICHAEL LIMITED EDITION;2004 HONDA CR 250R;2004 HONDA CRF 450R;2004 KAWASAKI KX 250;2004 KAWASAKI KX 500;2004 YAMAHA YZ 250;2004 YAMAHA YZ 450F;2005 HONDA CR 250R;2005 HONDA CRF 450R;2005 KAWASAKI KX 250;2005 KAWASAKI KX 250F;2005 KTM SX RACING 450;2006 KAWASAKI KX 250;2006 SUZUKI RM 125;2004 KAWASAKI KX 250F;2005 KTM SX 250;2006 KTM SX 250;2006 KAWASAKI KX 250F;2006 KTM SX 525;2006 HONDA CRF 450R;2006
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