Maxxis Si/Sm/Sx 250/450 F Combo

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Product Maxxis Si/Sm/Sx 250/450 F Combo
Miscellaneous MAXXCROSS-SIDeveloped during Grand National Cross Country series.Race proven rubber compound delivers excellent traction in soft/intermediate condition.Anti-flex knob bridges on side lugs offer solid straight line stability and enhance grip for aggressive cornering.MAXXCROSS-SMComputer-enhanced tread design ensures optimal traction in sand and mud.Specially formulated silica rubber compound and open tread pattern provide excellent self-cleaning tire characteristics.Anti-flex knob bridges on shoulder reinforce side knobs for increased traction.MAXXCROSS-SXDelivers outstanding performance on intermediate to hard terrain.Optimal pattern design offers increased contact patch and exceptional straight-line stability.Newly developed rubber compound designed to deliver extreme traction and predictability.
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