Maxxis M7311 Maxxcross Soft Intermediate Front Tire

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Product Maxxis M7311 Maxxcross Soft Intermediate Front Tire
Miscellaneous Race proven rubber compound delivers excellent traction in soft/intermediate conditions Developed during Grand National Cross Country Series Anti-flex knob bridges on side lugs Designed to offer a solid straight line stability and enhanced grip for aggressive cornering Rim sold separately Tube typeNote: Wheel sold separately.Available In: 2.50-10, 2.50-12, 60/100-14, 70/100-17, 70/100-19, 80/100-21 Fits vehicles:2007 HONDA CR 85R EXPERT;2007 HONDA CRF 150F;2007 HONDA CRF 150R EXPERT;2007 KAWASAKI KX 100;2007 KTM SX 105;2007 SUZUKI RM 85L;2006 YAMAHA TT-R 125LE;2008 HONDA CRF 150F;2006 KAWASAKI KX 100;2007 YAMAHA TT-R 125LE;2006 YAMAHA TT-R 125L;2006 SUZUKI RM 85L;2006 SUZUKI DR-Z 125L;2006 HONDA CR 85R EXPERT;2006 KTM SX 105;2006 KAWASAKI KLX 125L;2006 HONDA CRF 150F;2008 HONDA CRF 150R EXPERT;2009 KAWASAKI KLX 140L MONSTER ENERGY;2006 KTM SX 85 (19/16);2009 HONDA CRF 150R EXPERT;2010 KTM SX 105;2009 YAMAHA TT-R 125LE;2009 SUZUKI DR-Z 125L;2009 KTM XC 105;2009 KTM SX 105;2009 KAWASAKI KX 100;2009 KAWASAKI KX 100 MONSTER ENERGY;2009 HONDA CRF 150F;2007 SUZUKI DR-Z 125L;2008 KAWASAKI KLX 140L;2005 YAMAHA TT-R 125LE;2008 YAMAHA TT-R 125LE;2008 YAMAHA TT-R 125L;2008 SUZUKI RM 85L;2008 SUZUKI DR-Z 125L;2008 KTM XC 105;2008 KTM SX 105;2008 KAWASAKI KX 100;2009 KAWASAKI KLX 140L;1993 KAWASAKI KX 80T3 BIG WHEEL;2003 SUZUKI DR-Z 125LK3;2003 KAWASAKI KX 100D3;2003 HONDA CRF 150F3;2003 HONDA CR 85RB3 EXP
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