Maxxis M7307 Maxxcross Sand Mud Front Tire

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Product Maxxis M7307 Maxxcross Sand Mud Front Tire
Miscellaneous Computer enhanced tread design ensures optimal traction in sand and mud Specially formulated silica rubber compound and open tread pattern provide excellent self cleaning tire characteristics Anti-flex knob bridges on shoulder reinforce side knobs for increased traction Tube type Fits vehicles:1997 KTM EXC 250;1997 SUZUKI RMX 250V;1997 SUZUKI RM 250V;1997 SUZUKI RM 125V;1997 SUZUKI DR 350V;1997 SUZUKI DR 350SEV;1997 KTM SX 360;1994 SUZUKI DR 350R;1997 KTM SX 250;1997 KTM MXC 360;1997 YAMAHA RT 180J;1997 KTM EXC 360;1998 HONDA CR 125RW;1997 KTM DUKE E 620;1997 KAWASAKI KX 5.00E+11;1997 KAWASAKI KX 250K4;1997 KTM MXC 300;1998 HONDA XR 600RW;1998 KTM EXC 380;1998 KTM EXC 250;1998 KTM EXC 200;1998 KTM EXC 125;1998 KAWASAKI KX 5.00E+12;1998 KAWASAKI KX 250K5;1998 KAWASAKI KX 125K5;1998 KAWASAKI KLX 300A3;1997 YAMAHA YZ 125J;1998 KAWASAKI KDX 200H4;1997 YAMAHA WR 250ZJ;1998 HONDA XR 400RW;1998 HONDA XR 250RW;1998 HONDA XR 200RW;1998 HONDA CR 500RLW;1998 HONDA CR 250RLW;1997 HONDA XR 600RV;1997 YAMAHA YZ 250J;1997 KAWASAKI KX 125K4;1998 KAWASAKI KDX 220A5;1994 YAMAHA YZ 250F1;1995 KAWASAKI KX 125K2;1995 KAWASAKI KLX 650RA3;1995 KAWASAKI KLX 250-D3;1995 KAWASAKI KDX 200H1;1995 HUSQVARNA 125WXE;1995 HONDA XR 200R;1995 HONDA CR 500R;1997 KAWASAKI KDX 200H3;1995 HONDA CR 125R;1995 KTM
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