Dunlop Geomax Mx51 Intermediate Terrain Rear Tire (discontinued)

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Product Dunlop Geomax Mx51 Intermediate Terrain Rear Tire
Miscellaneous The Dunlop Geomax MX51 Intermediate motocross tire delivers enhanced grip, added tread longevity and a wider range of terrain applications, reaching farther into hard-pack conditions Profile design with more tread volume (greater land/sea ratio) in the shoulders for excellent cornering grip and a more open center-tread area for straight-line grip Recessed biting edges in shoulder tread blocks yield more traction for greater grip, especially in corners and ruts, throughout a wide range of terrain conditions Unique cross-stitch shoulder-block distribution for better traction and grip in medium-to-medium-hard conditions Tie-bar design connects and reinforces the tread blocks for greater tread stiffness, yielding improved intermediate-to-hard terrain performance Recess design in the area between tread blocks gives the tire improved compliance for enhanced ride comfort Enhanced land/sea ratio and wider tread profile for improved traction Larger-radius trea
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