Bridgestone M102 Mud Sand Tire

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Product Bridgestone M102 Mud Sand Tire
Miscellaneous Front and rear combination only for deep sand and bottomless mud Rear tire paddle like pattern for traction in extra soft conditions This dirt bike tire is a tube typeNote: Wheels sold separately.Available in the following motorcycle tire sizes: 110/100-18, 100/90-19, 110/90-19 Fits vehicles:1997 KAWASAKI KX 250K4;1994 YAMAHA YZ 125F1;1994 YAMAHA YZ 250F1;1995 KAWASAKI KX 250K2;1995 KTM SX 250;1995 SUZUKI RM 250S;1995 YAMAHA YZ 250G1;1997 HONDA CR 250RV;1995 HONDA CR 250R;1997 KTM SX 360;1997 SUZUKI RM 250V;1997 YAMAHA YZ 250J;1998 HONDA CR 250RLW;1998 KTM SX 250;1998 KTM SX 380;1999 KTM SX 250;1994 SUZUKI RM 250R;1989 KAWASAKI KX 5.00E+03;1998 KTM SX 400;1991 KAWASAKI KX 5.00E+05;1999 KTM SX 380;1989 KAWASAKI KX 250G1;1989 YAMAHA YZ 125W;1989 YAMAHA YZ 250WRW;1990 KAWASAKI KX 250HI;1990 KAWASAKI KX 5.00E+04;1990 KTM MX 300;1989 YAMAHA YZ 250W;1991 KAWASAKI KX 250H2;1994 KTM SX 250;1991 KTM MX 300;1992 KAWASAKI KX 5.00E+06;1992 KTM SX 250;1993 KAWASAKI KX 250J2;1993 KAWASAKI KX 5.00E+07;1993 KTM SX 250;1993 SUZUKI RM 250P;1994 KAWASAKI KX 250K1;1990 YAMAHA YZ 250A;2006 SUZUKI RM 250 RICKY CARMICHAEL LIMITED EDITION;2007 KAWASAKI KX 250F;2007 KAWASAKI KX 250;2007 HUSQVARNA TC 510;2007 HONDA CRF 450R;2007 HONDA CR 250R;2007 HONDA CR 125R;2006 YAMAHA YZ 450F;2006 YAMAHA YZ 45
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