Pro-Wheel Pro Wheel Shock

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Product Pro-Wheel Pro Wheel Shock
Miscellaneous Rebuildable Nitrogen charged Adds 1 travel over stock Comes with standard springs Fits vehicles:2004 HONDA CRF 50F;2004 HONDA CRF 70F;2005 HONDA CRF 50F;2005 HONDA CRF 70F;2006 HONDA CRF 70F;2007 HONDA CRF 70F;2008 HONDA CRF 50F;2008 HONDA CRF 70F;2003 HONDA XR 70R3;2009 HONDA CRF 70F;2006 HONDA CRF 50F;2009 HONDA CRF 50F;2000 HONDA XR 50RY;2007 HONDA CRF 50F;2003 HONDA XR 50R3;1999 HONDA XR 70RX;1997 HONDA XR 70RV;2000 HONDA XR 70RY;2000 KTM ADVENTURE 50 JR;2001 HONDA XR 70R1;2001 KTM ADVENTURE 50 JR;2002 HONDA XR 50R2;2001 HONDA XR 50R1;2002 KTM ADVENTURE 50 JR;1998 HONDA XR 70RW;2002 HONDA XR 70R2;
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