Sunstar 630 O.E.M Replacement Steel Rear Sprocket

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Product Sunstar 630 O.E.M Replacement Steel Rear Sprocket
Miscellaneous Constructed from the highest quality 1045 high-carbon steel Exclusive heat treatment for added strength and wear resistance Most are zinc plated and have a baked on durable paint process for corrosion resistance The strongest; longest lasting steel replacement sprocket available Nearly all motorcycles come equipped from the factory with this sprocketNote: Image for reference only. Actual product may vary according to vehicle.- Fits the following motorcycles; or atvs 1984 KAWASAKI KZ 700A1 SPORTS;1982 KAWASAKI KZ 650H2 CSR;1982 KAWASAKI KZ 750E3 SPORTS;1982 KAWASAKI KZ 750H3 LTD;1982 KAWASAKI KZ 750R1 GPZ;1983 KAWASAKI KZ 650H3 CSR;1983 KAWASAKI KZ 750L SPORTS;1982 KAWASAKI KZ 1100B2 GPZ;1983 KAWASAKI ZX 750A1 GPZ;1983 KAWASAKI KZ 1000R REPLICA;1984 KAWASAKI ZX 1100A2 GPZ;1984 KAWASAKI ZX 750A2 GPZ;1984 KAWASAKI ZX 750E1 TURBO;1985 KAWASAKI ZX 750A3 GPZ;1985 KAWASAKI ZX 750E2 TURBO;1983 KAWASAKI ZX 1100A1 GPZ;1980 KAWASAKI KZ 750-E1 750;1980 KAWASAKI KZ 1000-B4 LTD;1983 KAWASAKI KZ 750H4 LTD;1980 KAWASAKI KZ 1000-G1 CLASSIC;1982 KAWASAKI KZ 1000R1 REPLICA;1980 KAWASAKI KZ 750-H1 750;1981 KAWASAKI KZ 1000-K1 LTD;1981 KAWASAKI KZ 1100-GPZ;1981 KAWASAKI KZ 1100-J1 1100;1981 KAWASAKI KZ 650-H1 CSR 650;1981 KAWASAKI KZ 750-E2 STD 750;1981 KAWASAKI KZ 750-H2 LTD 750;1982 KAWASAKI KZ 1000J2 SPORTS;1982 KAWASAKI KZ 1000K2 LTD;1981 KAWASAKI KZ 1100-M1 1100;1980 KAWASAKI KZ 1000-D3 ZIR;1982 KAWASAKI KZ 1000M2 CSR;
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