JT Sprockets Jt 420 Aluminum Alloy Rear Sprocket



JT Sprockets Jt 420 Aluminum Alloy Rear Sprocket
Aluminum motocross rear racing sprockets with a special self-cleaning design Made from advanced aviation-grade 7075 T6 aluminum alloy Computer designed to combine the ultimate strength at minimum weight Optimal lightweight design and CNC machined to aviation tolerances for performance and lifespan Meniscus shaped self-cleaning grooves on all the teeth; on both sides Sand blasted to reduce material surface tension and finished by anodizing to a superb satin-silk effect Heat treated and hand finished to meet or exceed the highest possible quality standards Every sprocket meets or exceeds the highest possible quality standards The world's number one aftermarket sprocket manufacturerNote: Image for reference only. Actual product may vary according to vehicle.- Fits the following motorcycles; or atvs 2003 SUZUKI RM 60K3;1994 KAWASAKI KX 60B10;1995 KAWASAKI KX 60B11;1996 KAWASAKI KX 60B12;1997 KAWASAKI KX 60B13;1998 KAWASAKI KX 60B14;1999 KAWASAKI KX 60B15;2000 KAWASAKI KX 60B16;2001 KAWASAKI KX 60B17;2003 KAWASAKI KX 60B19;1993 KAWASAKI KX 60B9;1990 KAWASAKI KX 60B6;2002 KAWASAKI KX 60B18;1983 KAWASAKI KX 60A1;1992 KAWASAKI KX 60B8;1983 KAWASAKI KDX 80B;1991 KAWASAKI KX 60B7;1984 KAWASAKI KDX 80C1;1984 KAWASAKI KX 60A2;1985 KAWASAKI KDX 80C2;1985 KAWASAKI KX 60B1;1986 KAWASAKI KX 60B2;1987 KAWASAKI KDX 80C4;1987 KAWASAKI KX 60B3;1988 KAWASAKI KDX 80C5;1988 KAWASAKI KX 60B4;1986 KAWASAKI KDX 80C3;
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