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Review and Photos by Michael Lindsay

Wandering the pro pits is always interesting, especially when you spot the small tricks that the factory mechanics do to their rider's bikes. One thing that's quite common, is to find grip tape along spars of the frame. Some riders love the extra traction that can be found by doing this. But it can be a bit of a pain to replicate, since cutting out the perfect-sized piece of grip tape is time consuming and takes practice, even with a good template. Now there's a solution, Nihilo Concepts has produced a grip tape kit that is made to fit individual brands and models.

Nihilo Concepts Factory Frame Grip Tape features:

  • Available in black, grey, and OEM colors.
  • Cut to match each individual advertised model.
  • MSRP $15.95-18.95.

First Impressions

The Nihilo's frame grip tape comes on a simple sheet of backing paper, such as a set of graphics would. You simply peel and and place them on the frame. Each piece is cut to match the corresponding side of the frame, and typically runs from right above the footpeg to the third of half-way point up the spars of the frame.

The grip tape is available in black and grey for all models, and the OEM color to match that brand. If you're a Husqvarna or KTM guy, the grip tape offers more than just extra grip, but can also protect your colored frame from wear, as well. Also, if you meet a minimum order amount, you can have them customized with a personal logo.

On the Track

As you can guess, the idea of this product is to give you more confidence on the bike by giving you better control over the bike. Depending on how you ride, the extra grip may not be immediately noticeable. In my case, it becomes the most apparent when standing up in the attack position, such as standing on the balls of your feet while charging into jump faces. Here it can help you keep your forward stance without as much effort. Also, I find more confidence in keeping proper body positioning under heavy braking.

Long-Term Durability

The grip tape takes a lot of abuse. It's attached to the frame and rubs directly against your boots, so something has to give. In this case, it's the grip tape. Depending on how you grip your bike, the life of the grip tape can vary. Unless your feet are always off the pegs, they will wear out.

The Last Word

Nihilo Concept offers up a simple but unique product that you otherwise would spend a lot of valuable time replicating. The Factory Frame Grip Tape does exactly what it's supposed to, improve your control and grip on the bike. Also in the case of KTMs and Husqvarnas, it can protect the finish on the frame. But it still faces a huge downside, it won't last. Depending on how aggressively you hug the bike with your legs, that time can be extremely short. In short, it's a great product if it solves your needs, but will always require replacement.

Vital MX Rating

Check out to find out if the Factory Frame Grip Tape is available for your bike.

About the Test Rider

Michael Lindsay- is a born-and-raised moto freak and gearhead from the heart of motocross in Southern California. First swinging a leg over a bike at the age of five, he immediately caught the racing bug, spending nearly every weekend behind a gate…and a lot of time on the couch while injured. While swinging back and forth between moto and the off-road scene, giving him a wide range of experience on the bike. Of course, all of this led to one thing: Lindsay loves working on his bikes almost as much as he loves talking about them. When he’s not in the Vital MX forum or writing his latest product review, you can find him out at the track taking dirt naps, snapping some pictures, or drooling over the latest parts for his bike. With an outspoken personality, gearhead background, and as Vital MX’s guru for product, Michael is here to share his unbiased opinion.


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Frame Stickers
The Good
Looks great
The Bad
Junk after 1 ride
Overall Review:

The glue they use works fine. They just need to make them thicker.


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Great concept and works well, but only for a short time.
The Good
Easy to apply and looks great on the bike, especially KTM's.
The Bad
Wears out way too quickly. Thought it would last longer but you can literally wear right through it in just a matter of a few rides. Needs something better to protect the frame paint while also serving a purpose by improving grip on the bike.
Overall Review:

Great concept, just need to make it more durable.


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nihilo frame tape
The Good
looks great easy application
The Bad
doesn't last long
Overall Review:

we bought some for our brand new 15 ktm and it works great butdidn't last long. if your looking for something that lasts longer i would suggest real frame guards like the plastic ones they sell because it will last longer  for the average guy. ours lasted about 2 hrs. this would be a great product for the professional racer if you got it in bulk  and it was replaced after every weekend .these guys have many other great products we use


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Nihilo Concepts Factory Frame Grip Tape
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Custom cut for perfect fit.
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