Forcefield Body Armour Forcefield Plus Neck Warmer

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Product Forcefield Body Armour Forcefield Plus Neck Warmer
Miscellaneous The Forcefield Tornado+ Neck Warmer has evolved to create the best possible defense against extreme weather. Constructed using Alitecno and Defender, cutting edge materials, the Tornado+ blocks airflow from the outside to maintain core temperature by reducing wind chill while still remaining breathable, regulating the temperature of the fiber in order to retain a dry and warm micro-climate between the skin and garment Also features Thermolite, which provides warmth and comfort without weight, even when wet, is made with engineered hollow core fibers that trap air for greater insulation and dries 20% faster than other thermal material and 50% faster than cotton Alitecno and Thermolite are also anti-bacterial, stopping the development of bacteria caused by perspiration The use of flat seams, soft lining and lightweight material ensure the Tornado+ is both comfortable and practical Windproof and anti-UV Machine washable One size fits most Black
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