Atlas Brace Tyke Youth Neck Brace (discontinued)

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Product Atlas Brace Tyke Youth Neck Brace
Miscellaneous Atlas Youth Tyke Neck BraceDesigned to fit young kids, the Atlas Youth Tyke Neck Brace is perfect for your young racer. It weighs in at 490g and offers superior protection. The entry and exit system doubles as the Emergency Release System. With the push of a button, a user can enter, or exit the brace very easily, with no loose parts to fall away. This quick release system can be performed in a matter of seconds by people of nearly any age Unique frame design, specifically engineered to fit the very young riders properly, while allowing them the range of motion they need to perform extreme sports Back support designed with full size features. Miniaturized dual pivoting back supports with dual flex-tip features are a new standard for the smallest of little athletes New reversible rear mounts offer adjustment without the need for a additional set of mounts. Loosen the rear axles of the brace, rotate the red inserts 180deg, and tighten. 2 sizes built into one mount allows simplistic design to become even more user friendly New chest strap system offers more adjustment and simplified operation, included with each brace Reversible rear mount inserts offer multiple offsets for chest size, and custom fit for smaller individuals Dual pivoting back support provides greater surface area spread across the back, while transferring loads around the spine rather than directly into it. Increasing surface area helps disperse loads over a larger part of the body, to reduce pressure points in critical area of the body Open sternum area helps transfer the impact around the sternum on a greater surface area of the body, possibly reducing the risk of fracture Unique, flexible, leaf spring design chest supports that allow the chest supports to aid in absorbing and slowing down Hyper-Flexion impacts. This promotes further rotation of the helmet, helping to keep the body in motion rather than the head coming to an abrupt stop on impact. This innovative suspension system can also help to reduce some forces transferred through the helmet, head and chest by distributing them through the brace Custom energy absorbing padding has unique material properties to help disperse energy from an impact before it reaches the body, further reducing smaller injuries such as bruising or muscle fatigue when compared to conventional EVA foams. All padding is water resistant to ensure no added weight or wet padding during use Hardware is fully custom designed, CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum, and anodized to meet the requirements and specifications for this product. All hardware is mounted parallel with specific areas of the body to ensure no bolts are mounted in a way that could puncture the body in a catastrophic crash scenarioMounting Options: Stand alone brace with no straps Full 3 piece chest strap (included) Stand alone brace with chest protector Chest protector mounted to brace (see user manual for mounting instructions)Sizing: Youth: 24 - 28 (61cm - 71cm)In the Box: 1 chest strap system 1 draw string brace bag Multi-language user manual**Note: Chest circumference is measured high on the chest, right below the arms.
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