Atlas Brace Carbon Neck Brace Ryan Villopoto Signature (discontinued)

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Product Atlas Brace Carbon Neck Brace Ryan Villopoto Signature
Miscellaneous The Atlas Carbon Neck Brace is Atlas's feather weight crown jewel. To create a weightless product this elegant they really had to push the limits of innovation. Completely re-engineering nearly every unique feature wasn't enough, they made it their mission to develop new features that go above and beyond, while obsessively re-imagining the possibilities of simplicity. The result is a 635g beauty that improves upon every single feature introduced with the original brace to create the most elite product they could ever dream of. Customized black anodized rear mounts, and red anodized hardware. - Custom red tether. Simply lower the Atlas Brace on/off over your head like a helmet. No flimsy clips or fasteners to hassle with, and no disassembly of the brace is required during regular use. Flexible, leaf spring design chest supports allow the chest supports to aid in absorbing and slowing down Hyper-Flexion impacts. This promotes further rotation of the helmet, helping to keep the body in motion rather than the head coming to an abrupt stop on impact. This innovative suspension system can also help to reduce some forces transferred through the helmet, head, and chest by distributing them through the brace. Weighing in at an amazingly light 635g, this is the lightest feeling flexible high end neck brace available on the market. The redesigned Emergency Removal System is an incredible improvement to the revolutionary emergency feature. Emergency removal can now be performed in 3 seconds, with 2 simple steps, and with no loose parts. The frame design adds innovative and collapsible chin/throat padding to the front of the brace. This padding is designed to be there for that just in case moment, while being completely camouflaged into the elegant design of the brace. Dual flex-tip feature to the bottom of each back support making these the most technologically advanced, and largest surface area back supports in existence. Reversible rear mounts offer adjustment without the need for an additional set of mounts. Simply loosen the mounts assembled on the brace, rotate them 180 degrees, tighten, and an adjustment has been made. Two sizes built into one mount allows amazingly simplistic design to become even more user friendly. 6061-T6 aluminum hardware. Sizing Recommendations: (Sizing is based on chest circumference - distance around the chest, measured high on the chest, just under the arms). Small.............. 33 - 36 Chest Medium............. 37 - 41 Chest Large.............. 42 + Chest
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