Pod K8 Knee Brace

01. K8 Front RHS
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First Look: POD K8 Knee Braces

An all new carbon fiber, medically approved motocross knee brace that isn’t just for motocross.

First Look: POD K8 Knee Braces

A vast majority of professional moto and off-road racers wear knee braces. They are on a whole different level when it comes to soft tissue protection compared to just knee pads. But there are some drawbacks to riding with knee braces, typically weight, bulk, and comfort. POD (Performance On Demand) has redone their top level brace, the K8, to address all of these areas while also being medically certified. POD and CTI are the only two knee braces on the market that a doctor can write a prescription for and depending on your health insurance, there is a possibility you could be reimbursed for a pair of K8s.

In this video we chat with Brett Nicholas, CEO of POD Active, who gives us a rundown on what’s new and how the K8 is different than other knee braces on the market. Fair warning, there is a lot of information in here so it isn’t a short video. Enjoy. 

For more info go to www.podactive.com


Product Pod K8 Knee Brace
Type Knee Braces
Construction Carbon Fiber
Miscellaneous - Forged Carbon Frame
- Human Motion Hinge
- Improved Protection
- Adaptive Cuffs
- Medical Compliance
- Luxury Interior
- Quick Lock Buckles
- Reliable and Serviceable

Price $799.95
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