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EVS started their motocross adventure about 30 years ago with the first-ever MX-specific knee brace, the AMX-5. Since then, they've expanded their line of safety equipment to include helmets, neck support, chest/back protection and more. During this time, they've continued their focus on knee braces and currently offer more than six different options to keep your knees in one piece. For the past few months we've had their newest top-of-the-line model, the Web Pro, on for some long-term testing.

EVS Web Pro Knee Brace Features:

  • Utilizes a dual-defense patella cup.
  • Upper and lower frames constructed from twin-wall carbon fiber.
  • Adjustable hyperextension lockouts.
  • Available in small, medium, large, and extra-large.
  • Sold individually or in pairs.
  • MSRP: $425.00 individual sides, or $799.00 for a pair.

First Impressions

Since the EVS Web Pros can be purchased individually, each side comes in their own separate box, even when purchased as a pair. Inside each box there's a Web Pro knee brace, an instruction manual, and a bag with different size pads to change the fit around the knee, and a series of extension stop inserts for additional customization.

The braces themselves are quite light, as the top and bottom frames are made from carbon fiber, while the hinges are constructed from aluminum. Looking at the inside of the brace, you'll find a generous amount of padding all throughout the frames and the patella cup section. The inner padding is constructed from neoprene, which is quite comfortable but also grippy, which helps eliminate sliding up or down the leg. The strap sections are made from a wide and comfortable material, with really grippy velcro to hold them in place. Both ends of the straps are attached to the frame through a rotating hinge. This allows each strap to rotate as the muscles contract and expand when the leg moves through its motions.

The Web Pros don't immediately look different than most braces on the market, but the dual-defense patella cup does stand out. To put it simply, it's one cup on top of another. When the brace contracts, one cup follows the lower brace while the other follows the upper brace, leaving the knee cap protected throughout the range of the brace.

On the Track

The Web Pro braces are offered in a few different sizes, along with a decent amount of adjustability. Once I added an extra set of pads on the outside of each brace (I'm very "bowlegged") I was ready to head out. While on the bike, the Web Pros move very naturally with the leg and I had forgotten I was in a brand new set of braces within a few corners. Another reason it was so easy to get used to the braces, was the excellent quality of the padding used throughout the braces. Even when gripping the bike in an aggressive stance, the padding dampened impacts being transferred from the brace. While I could barely tell the braces were there, I also still had a good feel for the bike.

Another positive while riding is the hinged strap system. Having all four straps hinged at each connecting point allows the straps to move with the muscles quite well. That means I didn't experience any binding up or down my legs. This is very important to me since I have quite large thigh and calf muscles (size large braces) which expand quite a bit as I squat and sit on the bike.

EVS had a great idea with the use of a fifth strap that wraps around the calf muscle. This strap is much wider and softer than the other four straps, since it's actually a continuation of the inner padding from the lower frame. Because of this, the strap is very grippy but also stretches. This is important, as the calf expands and contracts the most and needs the material to be soft and stretch so it doesn't aggravate or tighten up on the calf. By also utilizing the neoprene material from the inner padding, it helps hold up the brace throughout the motos.

Long-Term Durability

The most common item that wears out on knee braces are the straps or their velcro. In this case, EVS has done well by using material that's not only comfortable, but very long-lasting. The only noticeable wear I've found on the Web Pro is a slight amount on the lower frame, where it's pressed into the bike when hanging on tightly with the legs.

The Last Word

There's definitely something to be said for high-quality padding, as the EVS Web Pro ranks in as the most comfortable knee brace I've tested to date. The overall construction of the brace is top-notch, they offer great comfort, and they're lightweight. The addition of the dual-defense patella cup was a personal favorite, as I've manage to smash my kneecap into the bars many times when my knee has been bent and exposed in other braces.

I only have two minor complaints about the braces. First off, when they're perfectly straight, I feel that the bottom patella cups are a bit too flat and wide. With this, the Web Pros can be a tight fit in pants that don't have the roomiest of knees. Second, the $800 price tag is a little on the high side, as there are a lot more options on the market in the $600 range.

EVS does offer a wide-range of braces in different price ranges, but if you have the extra dough, I'd consider looking at a set of Web Pros during your next purchase.

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Check out EVS-Sports.com for more information on the line of safety equipment from EVS.

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