JD Jetting Jd Jetting Jet Kit



JD Jetting Jd Jetting Jet Kit
James Dean designed the JDJetting kits so that you don't have to be an expert to get professional high performance results! The James Dean custom jetting kit is designed to improve throttle response throughout the range by using specially made multi-taper needles.Exceeds the performance of other standard factory needle options and technical support is provided.Low and high altitude custom designed triple taper needles.Extra genuine Keihin main jets and needle clip included.Dyno tested and developed with settings from sea level to 12,000 feet elevation.You can't buy this level of performance from the factory manufacturer or other aftermarket suppliers.Note: JD Jetting also recommends using a precision machined Scotts fuel screw with this jet kit. Scotts fuel screws allow adjustment of the idle mixture more easily, without the need to use tools. Precision machining ensures consistent results and a reliable setting.
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