First Ride: 2020 MSR NXT Gear
Is the new MSR NXT Gear premium threads at bargain prices?
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A few years ago the MSR Gear (Malcolm Smith Racing) switched hands form MAG (Motorsport Aftermarket Group) to the online retail giant Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Poking around the site, we were surprised to see the 2020 MSR NXT Gear with such a fresh look and it piqued our curiosity. So, we hit them up and got a set to see if the gear feels, fits, and performs as well it looks.

The MSR NXT Gear is in a slightly unique position as being a premier line of gear but still a house brand. The MSRPs stated by RMATVMC are sort of arbitrary since they can decide what to ultimately charge for the gear as they own the brand. It would make sense for them to put a list price that matches other gear companies’ prices and then heavily discount the gear, which it looks like they do. The list prices would put the NXT gear in the same category as other top-end gear lines like Fox’s Flexair, Answer Trinity, TLD SE Pro, and Alpinestars Techstar, to name a few.

MSR NXT Jersey

NXT Jersey
List price: $69.95
Typical sale price: $29.99

NXT Pant
List price: $169.95
Typical sale price: $89.99

NXT Glove
List price: $39.95
Typical sale price: $21.99


A major factor in riding gear is fit. In the 90s and 00s, this meant big, baggy jerseys with wide elastic cuffs. I don’t know if gear companies were trying to give racers a “flying squirrel” effect while riding, but those days are long gone. Modern motocross race wear has been trending tighter and more form-fitting, much like other athletic gear. Also, it is common practice for gear companies to give their top-end gear the snuggest “race fit” and as the price drops down the gear lines, the fit typically relaxes into a more generous cut. 

I’m 5’9” and about 185 lbs, which is kind of between XL/L jerseys and 36/34 pants. I went with a large jersey and 34 pant for the NXT gear and they fit great. This might mean that they are on the slightly generous side of overall fit, but the cut is not baggy or loose. Looking at the jersey, the sleeves have a very modern form-fitting cut that stays close to your arms and doesn’t flap around when you ride. The torso, at least for me, is the right balance between tight and loose. It isn’t skin tight like super stretchy jerseys offered by other brands, but it isn’t so loose to have extra material. 

The pants have a similar fit. Let’s call it a relaxed slim-fit. The waist has a zipper with a single ratchet buckle closure. There aren’t any side micro adjusters but there are strong elastic sections on both sides that work well to keep the pant up. The legs are loose enough for knee braces and have a good amount of stretch. 


I’ve ridden with this gear a few times now and it works just as well as any other top-tier gear set I’ve worn. The main difference, though, is that, while both the pants and jersey have a fair amount of stretch, they are not as stretchy as the yoga-pant feeling Thor Prime Pro, Fly Lite, or FXR Helium. I would say the NXT gear is built somewhere between  Fox’s 360 and Flexair gear line with high mobility but also some solid materials and construction. 

Since wearing Fly’s pants with the BOA closure, the bar has been set very high when it comes to pants not sliding down, especially when riding a 450. But, so far, the NXTs ratchet closure and grippy silicone strips on the inside of the waist have done an excellent job of staying up. Also, I feel no restriction when moving around on the bike or sticking my legs out in turns. 


Like I mentioned earlier, the jersey has a few different materials going on. The chest, shoulders, and upper back are a little thicker, with laser cut vent holes. Then the main material really reminds me of Flexair gear; very soft, very stretchy. Then there are vented panels on the arms and more laser-cut vent holes in the pits. The screen-printed graphics are really high quality and, at least with this navy/gold colorway, they have a sparkle to them. 

The pant also uses lots of different materials with different weights and stretch characteristics in different places, like any top-end pant does. There is a 3/4 mesh liner and the knees have legit leather heat pads. Another feature that has become pretty standard on all high-end pants is a super vented, open-mesh calf area. On the back of the leg behind and below the knee is an area that doesn’t need really any protection and most of it is in your boots so the lighter the material, the better. The NXT pant is no exception. 

Ventilation and stretch in the jersey.


Before I praise the MSR NXT Gear set too much, this isn’t a full test that includes durability. I’ve only worn this set twice. Also, I didn’t talk about the gloves because I couldn’t wear them. I’m really picky with gloves and want the thinnest, most-non-existent gloves possible, and the NXT gloves are on the bulky side. That being said, I’m really impressed with the jersey and pant. 

At the list prices, I would say that the saying, “you get what you pay for” rings true. At the sale prices that the MSR NXT Gearset is usually sold, I think you get a lot more than what you pay for. But if you like lightweight gloves, I’d leave those out. 


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