FXR Helium MX Gear Set

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Tested: FXR Helium MX Gear Set
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The Good
Extremely high mobility without being too stretchy, Light and breathable in the right places, still looks good after a year of riding.
The Bad
Waist closure seems like an afterthought, gloves wearing down quicker than the rest of the gear

There are a lot of choices when it comes to gear these days, with more each year. One of the seemingly new gear brands isn’t actually new to the moto scene is FXR. They've been around for a while yet it is recently that we’ve seen them in the pro ranks on some top riders. FXR started as a snow brand making gear for snowmobiling, but has always leaned heavily toward high-performance over bargain gear. The same can be said for their moto line of gear.

FXR Helium Features 

Jersey: $75

  • Durable Perforated Omni Stretch™ combined with high performance polyester knit
  • Superior air flow design in the arms and shoulders 
  • Moisture-wicking yarns provide quick-dry performance
  • Shaped front collar and tapered cuff
  • Slim fit
  • Drop-tail hem and long length protect midriff exposure

Pant: $195

  • Completely new chassis design for improved fit and comfort
  • Durable perforated 4-way stretch fabric provides class leading fit & mobility 
  • 600D polyester perforated fabric for improved air flow
  • New knee design provides a slim fit
  • Rib knit stretch insert above knee for extra mobility
  • Lightweight breathable mesh inserts for added ventilation, and flexibility
  • Leather panel at inner knee for heat and abrasion protection
  • Triple topstitching in critical areas for extra strength and durability
  • Tested and proven hook and loop adjustable waist system design
  • Silicone printed inner elastic waist for extra grip and security
  • TPR knee logos
  • Upper body polyester mesh lining for breathability and comfort
  • Fade-free sublimation print

Glove: $40

  • Slip on cuff design
  • Single layer AX suede padded palms
  • Fade free sublimation print graphics
  • Durable 4-way stretch material for maximum mobility
  • Silicone finger grips

On The Track


The FXR Helium Jersey is a good mix of poly knit and poly mesh. The main chassis is a knit material that is more of a standard weight material that does allow for some air flow directly to your chest but is less open then the full mesh material that is on the flanks and under the arms. These sections flow a ton of air. This mix of knit and mesh makes this jersey a good three-season choice (fall, winter, spring) depending on where you live. Summers here in SoCal mean that we need fully-vented jerseys that are practically translucent. 

The fit is pretty standard. FXR claims that it has a ‘slim fit’ but as a XL wearer, I didn’t find it too tight at all. If anything, the arms where still a little baggy in the bicep area (this could also be a sign I need to lift heavier weights at the gym). The collar is soft and comfortable and the sleeves taper down to non-restricted cuffs. The sleeves are long for me, but for the guys wearing XL because they are tall, rather than round, there wouldn’t be a problem. The tail is long enough to be tucked in with plenty of material to spare. 

I tend not to wear a chest protector, especially an over-the-jersey protector so this jersey took the brunt of the roost while riding. Even so, it doesn’t have much pilling or snags in the knit material and still looks pretty crisp after a year of riding. 


These are by far some of the best moto pants I’ve tried. This is where the FXR guys truly show that they know motocross and are giving riders performance pieces of gear, not just polyester pants to wear on the track. The main chassis material in the thighs, top of the butt, knee, and shin area is 4-way stretch, but is also a heavier-duty material than say the Thor Prime Pro or the Fly Lite Hydrogen pants, which are super thin and very stretchy. The stretch material in the Helium pant isn’t as stretchy as some other 4-way stretch material but it has enough give to offer the right amount of mobility and support. 

Furthermore, rather than making the whole pant stretchy, they put a large section of non-stretch material across the butt and the back/inner thigh area. The idea here is that with full stretch pants, they can give too much and have the rider sliding around inside the pant under acceleration and seat bouncing. But with a rigid section at the seat of the pant, the Helium pant has a much more secure feeling and more solid interface with the seat of the bike. But there is also plenty of stretch everywhere else to give the pant unrestricted mobility and performance. The top of the crotch area is also non-stretchy to give a secure closure feel with even more stretchy and ventilated material along the edges of the crotch and inner thigh. 

The back of the pant from the knee down is a lightweight mesh and the front of the knee has accordion ribs for bending. The knee area fit knee braces just fine, even the pretty bulky Leatt Z-Brace so I don’t think any other brand would have fitment issues. Leather inner knee panels are big and placed properly to protect the pant from burns and to get a good grip on the bike. 

The only real downside to the pant is that, with all the different materials and panels working together to make a really comfortable, but high-performance pant, they just slap a velcro tab for the waist closure. Not that it failed or didn’t secure the pant properly, it's just that with high-end pants we expect at least the standard ratcheting closure that we are used to. 


I’m picky about gloves and these performed great for a minimalist style glove. The size large was true to size, didn’t have any extra finger material and slotted between my fingers snuggly. The top material is stretchy but not super lightweight like vented gloves, just sort of standard feeling. The palm material is single layered and perforated throughout, which I loved for riding, but not for longevity. My hands were definitely dry and happy on the track, but I’m not sure how much more riding they can take. The holes on the heel section of the palm just keep getting bigger and more stretched out. It won’t be long until the holes connect and the gloves become useless. 


The two detractors for this gear, especially at such a premium price is the lack of ratchet on the waist and that the palms are of the gloves are giving out. Other than that, the pant has a fantastic blend of performance and comfort that rivals any other gear on the market and the jersey does just fine. Also, with all the seems in the pants and jersey still holding tight, durability is definitely high. The only reason to say that these aren’t bomb-proof is that there is a small hole above the right knee. 


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FXR Helium MX Gear Set
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