American Kargo Turbo 1.5 Liter Hydration Pack



American Kargo Turbo 1.5 Liter Hydration Pack
Much more than your standard hydration pack; the Turbo 1.5 was designed to race with you. The slightly smaller frame works well to limit any unnecessary weight. This is truly the fly-weight version of hydration. The fittings and adjustments make sure it's in the same place when you get off the bike as when you got on and tightened it down. This pack would also be perfect for any youth that really likes to keep up. Fill it up; put it on; strap it down and take off.The butterfly harness is the quintessential element in American Kargos approach to comfort and stability in our rider-centric product line. American Kargo started here; and spent an awful lot of time here; testing and tweaking; because we know how important this component truly is. Incorporating multiple fits and fitting adjustments; and increased surface area; the straps are designed to work around your equipment and the way you move. Your chest; arms; shoulders and core were carefully considered. The butterfly harness create- Fits the following motorcycles; or atvs
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